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JST Ribbon Cable

JST ribbon cable harness is made by using JST ribbon cable connectors.

Moreover, these cable assemblies are used as interconnects in computers, motherboards, etc. JST ribbon cable assemblies are also used in electronics, home appliances, and others.

JST ribbon cable assembly is one in which there are multiple conducting wires on a flat ribbon cable.

  • Suitable for 14awg to 32awg
  • JST connector
  • Cross / replacement connector is available
  • LOW MOQ 50pcs accepted
  • The prototype is available, lead time: 1-3 days
  • Product Name: JST XH connector cable
  • Material: copper wire, PVC coated
  • Each Cable Length(Approx): 20cm/8″
  • Pin Number: 6 pin
  • Total Lenght: 20.5cm/8.1″
  • Pin Spacing:2.54mm/0.1″
  • Color: white pink
What are the different types of JST ribbon connectors?

There are different types of JST ribbon cable connectors which are as follows:

  • RA connectors

RA connector series is IDC-type ribbon cable connectors with 2.54mm pitch. These connectors have a capacity of 1 A current flow with a voltage capacity of 300 W.

RA connector

  • RC connectors

JST RC Connector series are board-in type connector series that can fit in 1.27 pitch flat ribbon cables. The connectors can allow a current flow of 1 A with a voltage capacity ranging up to 300 V.

RC connector

RC connector series allow grid wiring ranging to 2.54 pitch.

These ribbon cable comes with different positions and pins ranging from 2 to 16 pins.

These ribbon cable assemblies can be used in water heaters, computers, medical instruments, detection machines, and applications, LED displays, home products, industrial equipment, etc.

What are the applications of JST ribbon cable?

JST ribbon cables can be used for PCB projects, pc motherboards, etc.  And they apply to computers, LED, copiers, fax machines, speakers, household appliances, toys, cars, motorcycles, audio, power amplifier, etc.

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