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JST SH cable is a cable using a JST SHR connector. You can just tell me what positions you need and what length you need.

  • Suitable for 32awg to 28awg, OD 0.4mm to 0.8mm
  • 1.0mm pitch SHR connector
  • 2 circuits to 20 circuits SHR connector available
  • RoHS2 compliance

ECOCABLES – Professional JST SH Cable Fabrication Factory in China

ECOCABLES offers JST SH cable fabrication varying from 2 positions to 20 positions SHR connector. We can provide different fabrication processes including cutting, wire stripping, crimping, twisting wire, connector assembly, cable bundling, and more.

We are equipped with advanced fabrication equipment such as a fully automatic terminating machine, full-automatic tinning machine, forming machine, high speed wire cutting machine, etc.

If you need custom JST SH cable manufacturing services, choose ECOCABLES as your manufacturer!

Product By Various Pins Connector

JST SH 2 Pin Cable

This is a cable with 2 pin SHR connector.

JST SH 4 Pin Cable

This is a cable with 4 pin SHR connector.

JST SH 5 Pin Cable
JSTSH 5 Pin Cable

This is a cable with 5 pin SHR connector.

JST SH 6 Pin Cable
JST SH 6 Pin Cable

This is a cable with 6 pin SHR connector.

JST SH 8 Pin Cable
JST SH 8 Pin Cable

This is a cable with 8 pin SHR connector.

JST SH 9 Pin Cable
JST SH 9 Pin Cable

This is a cable with 9 pin SHR connector.

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JST SH Cable Assemblies Advantage

Highly Customizable
Highly Customizable

ECOCABLES’s JST SH cable assembly can easily be customized according to your specifications and drawings. It’s also RoHS and UL certified as per international requirements. Contact us!

wire harness

Our JST SH cable assembly offers reliable solutions even in extreme environments. The cable’s unique features make it possible for the product to work perfectly in different environments.


The JST SH connector is waterproof. It can therefore be used in applications that require waterproofing as it comes with a waterproof grade of 7 JIS C 0920 ingress protection.


Our cables provide a secure locking mechanism. Its receptacle also has protrusions on each end, making it easy for operators to easily disengage the receptacles from the headers.

Original / Equivalent SHR Connector Available

ECOCABLES establishes a good relationship with JST manufacturers and distributors. If you need to reduce costs, we can also advise you on the replacement SHR connector in cable assemblies.

The original SHR connector and the equivalent SHR connector have the same specifications, including temperature, spacing, materials, appearance, etc.

Of course, there are differences, such as cost, quality, and so on. Original SHR connectors are more expensive than equivalent SHR connectors. The quality of the original connector is always considered to be the best. 

JST SH Cable
SHR Connector

1.0mm (.039") Pitch Crimp Style SHR Connector

The SH connector comes equipped with unique features. This connector is also considered as being the first 1.0mm pitch crimp-style connector globally. Some of the other notable features of the SH connector include the following:

  • Low profile, ultra-compact design: This SH connector is relatively tiny and comes equipped with a mounting height of .166″, which is 2.95mm for the side entry types.
  • The connector offers easy compatibility with SR insulation displacement connectors: The SH connector’s shrouded header can also be used with SR insulation displacement connectors.
  • Housing Lances: The JST SH connector’s contact retention lance feature in the resilient housing provides better contact lock-in confirmation for perfect and secure insertion.
  • Standards: The connector is E60389u UL-recognized and CSA-certified LR20812
  • RoHS Compliance: SH connectors are also RoHS compliant.

Good Quality And Wide Use

JST SH cable adopts environmental protection materials, they are made of durable PVC material and tinned copper wire, resistant to high temperature and low temperature, and are conductive.

They are widely used in electrical appliances, automobiles, robots, lighting, toys, PCB control panel, speakers, audio, batteries, household appliances, etc.

And they are suitable for the electrical system with the requirements of high sensing performance, double upper plugging, reliable safety, no looseness, light, and beautiful.

JST SH cable

Why Choose ECOCABLES to Custom JST SH Cable

JST SH Cable
JST SH Cable

ECOCABLES is dedicated to manufacturing JST SH cable products throughout the years. We have accumulated experience and knowledge in manufacturing innovative JST SH cables. 

A wide variety of JST SH cables are available. Available in different designs, materials, cable sizes, cable colors, and various pins SHR connector. You can find the ideal JST SH cable for your business. Otherwise, we can customize the JST SH cable according to your requirements. You can email us your drawings, logos, and other specifications.

ECOCABLES’s goal is to ensure we meet our client’s requirements in every possible way, including high-level support and services.

ECOCABLES 6-Pin Female-Female JST SH-Style Cable

ECOCABLES’s JST SH cable is perfectly designed to function with top entry and side entry connectors. The cable comes with six-twisted color-coded 28AWG wires that are sufficiently terminated on either end by a female JST SH connector type.

ECOCABLES’s JST SH cables also include single-ended and double-end SHR connector wire harnesses.

With ECOCABLES’s JST SH cable, users can easily connect the encoder to their JST SH connector-style breakout board available on both the side-entry and top-entry versions. This allows easy access to the encoder and motor pins within standard solderless breadboards. Likewise, a two-connector breakout board assembly can be a removable general-purpose interconnector within the different modular system parts.

Various Benefits of A JST SH Cable

JST SH Cable
Low profile, Ultra-Compact Design

Our JST SH connector is rationally small and features a mounting height of .116″ (2.95mm) for the side entry types.

JST SH Cable
Housing Lances:

Our cable’s contact retention lance within the resilient housing allows for the confirmation of the contract lock-in for secure and easy insertions.

JST SH Cable
Compatibility with SR Insulation Displacement Connector

Our cable’s shrouded header can also be used for SR insulation displacement connectors.

Washing Machine Wire Harness
JST SH Cable Assembly in China

With over 20 years of experience as a leading custom JST SH cable assembly manufacturer.

  • “ECOCABLES JST SH cables worked great for my application. The assembly was easy to connect, featured the necessary requirements and standards, and, most important, the cable was RoHS-certified – a reason why I placed my trust in ECOCABLES JST SH custom cable production services.”

  • “ECOCABLES offers quality JST SH cables when compared to other manufacturing brands. I was left speechless by how their customized cable was able to meet all my application requirements to the fullest. Their service is highly recommended.”

  • “ECOCABLES’s JST SH cable surpassed everything I had in mind. Everything from the service delivery to how the cable functions were phenomenal, not forgetting how reasonably priced their products were. ECOCABLES are experts in what they do and even go a step further to make suggestions that will make the product even more problem-solving during applications.”

JST SH Cable Assembly: The Ultimate Guide

JST SH cable is the one in which JST SH connectors are embedded to complete the system.

What is JST SH connector?

JST SH connector is the one in which the pitch is as tiny as 1mm. Moreover, the connectors are crimp-styled disconnect-able connectors that are mostly used in laptops and other products requiring a reliable and compact voltage. The current carrying capacity of the JST SH connector is 1 A. Similarly, the voltage capacity equates to 50 V.

jst ph connector cable

What is JST SH cable?

JST SH cable is the one in which JST SH connectors are embedded to complete the system.

All these variations make these JST SH cable assemblies easily connected from one board to another. Furthermore, the latching feel is also nice while connecting the ends of the cables and completing the circuit.

jst ph connector cable

What are the advantages of a JST SH cable assembly?

JST SH cable assembly is a wire-to-board connector type used for the connection of internal wires with the printed circuit boards. The benefits of this JST SH cable assembly can be summarized as:

  • Compact
  • Low-profile
  • Can be compatible with SR Insulation
  • Easy locking
  • More secure insertion

JST SH wiring harness

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