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JST VH cable is a cable using a JST VHR connector. You can just tell me what positions you need and what length you need.

  • 3.96mm pitch
  • VHR connector ranges from 2 circuits to 11 circuits
  • Suitable for 16awg to 22awg
  • Cross / replacement connector is available
  • All materials are compliant with RoHs

Why Choose ECOCABLE?

With 20 years of professional production experience, ECOCABLES is a JST PH cable production and processing custom manufacturer.

ECOCABLES has a professional production line, high-precision testing instruments, well-equipped core wire machines, high-speed braiding machines, extrusion machines, etc., and a wide range of customized products, which can meet the processing requirements of customers for various JST PH wire products.

We have passed the US UL, EU CE, Rohs, 3C, FCC, and many other certifications, all products are in accordance with national GB standards and international IEC standards, and each product, from raw materials to finished products, has been confirmed by multiple rigorous testing procedures to ensure a 100% pass rate.

Product By Various Pins Connector


This is a JJST VHR 2N to VH 2 pin cable.

JST VH 3 Pin Cable

This is a 3 pin JST VH to bare cable.

JST VH 4 Pin Cable

This is a 4 pin JST VH to bare cable.

JST VH 6 Pin Cable
JST VH 6 Pin Cable

This is a JST VHR 6N to bare cable.

JST VH 8 Pin Cable
JST VH 8 Pin Cable

This is a 8 pin JST VH to 8 pin VH cable.

JST VH 9 Pin Cable
JST VH 9 Pin Cable

This is a 9 pin JST VH to bare cable.

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JST VH Connector Description

JST VH connector refers to a series of reliable PC board connector well known for their unique capabilities that includes carrying large currents. This means it is suitable even with wider signal varieties, power supply, and output circuits that come with different consumer electrical products.

This connector features a 3.96mm wire gauge that is accommodated with a rated voltage and current of between AWG 16-22. The blind mating option within the connector provides an engagement of this connector’s system without the need for visual alignment.

JST VH Cable
jst vh cable

JST VH Cable Customization Process

  • Select connector: VHR connector ranges from 2 circuits to 11 circuits
  • Select wire: UL1007, UL1015 or other wires
  • Specification requirements: wire length, wire color, line sequence, other requirements
  • Our sales staff will quote for you

You can also send us samples or pictures of samples so that we can understand your needs quickly and clearly.

JST GH Cable Applications

Our JST VH cables are widely used in loudspeakers, horns, displays, household appliances, photocopiers, fans, model aircraft, speakers, cars, GPS, office automation equipment, fax machines, medical equipment, computers, electronic toys, batteries, circuit boards and other products connection field.

ECOCABLES can also customize the JST VH cable for you according to your application.

JST VH 4 Pin Cable
Washing Machine Wire Harness
JST VH Cable Assembly in China

With over 20 years of experience as a leading custom JST VH cable assembly manufacturer.

JST VH Cable: The Ultimate Guide

Our JST VH cable can be used with a wide variety of signal, power supply, and output circuits that come with different consumer electrical products.

What are the benefits of the JST VH cable?

JST VH series cables are mainly designed for wire-to-board wiring harness applications. These VH connectors feature a higher density SMT contact spacing with a friction housing lock for perfect connections. This means that the JST VH cable has a larger voltage carrying capacity of up to 250v AC, DC. JST VH connector has been applied in lots of industries including within the medical and automobile fields.

Unique JST VH cable features include a dual cantilever terminal that offers an enhanced rectangular-shaped contact area that interferes with the connector’s male pin. Its anti-fishing feature on the same offers protection to the wire, especially during the assembly.

JST VH Wiring Harness

JST VH cable is compact since it has stable mounting and contact. It also features secure locking headers with a 16.5mm height and a width of 10.5mm. You can also get a side entry JST VH cable type that comes with a 20.5mm width and 10.5 mm height.

JST VH cable connector can be used to apply signal, power, and output circuits within multiple positions from 2-11.

How is the JST VH cable housing designed?

JST VH connector is designed with a lock mechanism housing that helps hold the connector’s contacts, making it possible for easy mating and un-mating. The uniquely designed JST VH connector housing gives it the ability to perfectly transmit both power and signals. The housing also makes it possible for the connector to offer efficient protection against environmental conditions such as vibration to all electrical contacts.

JST VH Cable

The housing is responsible for providing electrical insulation existing between the external circuits and the connector’s contacts and has the right verification as per the DMV voltage rating.

Furthermore, JST VH cable housing is designed and molded under RoHS compliance. This means the housing has passed all the flammability tests required for electronics, making it perfect even in rigged electrical device applications and can sustain extreme environmental stresses.

Why can JST VH cables be used in many places?

JST VH cable being a field-proven connector has the ability to serve lots of applications. All this is attributed to the fact that the connector is designed with the best features. Its insulation resistance of up to 1000 MOhms and a crimping technology makes it possible for the JST VH connector to be applied in a variety of application.

You can also get a customized JST VH cable depending on the kind of application you wish to achieve.

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