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JST XH cable is a cable using a JST XHP connector. You can just tell me what positions you need and what length you need.

  • Suitable for 22awg to 30awg
  • 2.5mm pitch XHR connector
  • 1 position to 20 positions XHP connector available
  • Cross/replacement connector is available

Fully Customizable JST XH Cable for Your Requirements

As demand for reliable and adaptive JST XH cable solutions increases, ECOCABLES offers a wide range of quality JST XH cables to meet customer demands, we can provide JST XH cables varying from 1 position to 20 positions XHP connectors.

We are able to provide bespoke services and solutions, uniquely tailored to the individual needs of our clients, when we provide you with the best possible results from an original concept from design to manufacture.

ECOCABLES has in-house rapid prototyping technology and can produce JST XH cable assembly samples for customer evaluation and testing.

Product By Various Pins Connector

JST-XH RC Lipo 2 Pin Balance Wire Extension Charger Cable

This 2 pin JST XH cable is a cable with 2 pin connector.

JST XH 3 Pin Cable

This 3 pin JST XH cable is a cable with 3 pin connector.

This 4 pin JST XH cable is a cable with 4 pin connector.

JST XH 5 Pin Cable
JST XH 5 Pin Cable

This 5 pin JST XH cable is a cable with 5 pin connector.

JST XH 6 Pin Cable
JST XH 6 Pin Cable

This 6 pin JST XH cable is a cable with 6 pin connector.

JST XH 8 Pin Cable
JST XH 8 Pin Cable

This 8 pin JST XH cable is a cable with 8 pin connector.

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Advantages of JST XH Cable Assemblies

Highly Customizable
Tailored Solutions

ECOCABLES JST XH cable assembly types are configured in such a way that they can provide reliable solutions to your specific need.

Tried & Tested

We have over 20 years of experience as industry leaders in reliable JST XH cables that can withstand the harshest conditions.

Customer Care

ECOCABLES JST XH cable assemblies are designed after keenly listening to our clients to achieve our customers’ specific needs.

Cost Effective

Save your time and money with our pre-configured custom JST XH cable solution that’s simply ready to use after purchase.

Wire Types You Can Choose for Your JST XH Cable

ECOCABLES has a wide range of wire type selections for our JST XH cable.

  • Wire/cable type: UL1571, UL1061, UL1007, UL1015, UL3767, UL1569 etc.
  • Wire/cable AWG: 12 AWG, 14 AWG, 16 AWG, 18 AWG, 20 AWG. 22 AWG, etc.

Rest assured that all the wires used for your JST XH cables are durable, corrosion-resistant, long-lasting, wear-resistant, and high-performance. If you want a specific material to be used in the JST XH cable fabrication process, don’t hesitate to contact us!

JST XH Cable
JST XH Cable Assemblies

XH Connectors Used in Cable Assembly

The JST XH series are crimp style, disconnectable, 2.5mm pitch connectors. This JST XH connector is designed based on the versatility and reliability provided by their counterparts, the NH series connectors. However, the JST XH connector is smaller in size and comes with a mounting height of around 9.8mm. As a wire-to-board connector, it’s perfect for ensuring that the PC board is properly supplied with power. The XH series connectors exist either with one to 20 positions.

They easily accommodate a wire size of 22-30 AWG. JST XH series connectors have a current rating of 3 AA/DC which is 250 VAC’DC. Important to note is that the XH series connectors have completely complied with each and every RoHS standard. The connector’s dual termination JST jumper cable assemblies are available as 2,4,6,8,10, and 12-inch standard lengths.

ECOCABLES can provide JST XH cables varying from 1 position to 20 positions XHP connectors, you can just tell me what positions you need!


Applications of JST XH Cable Assemblies

ECOCABLES, JST XH connector cable is considered as perfect power lines when it comes to different projects like Arduino, which is widely applied in automobiles, electrical appliances, PCB control panels, robot toys, audio, batteries, speakers, lights and Hub sets, and 3D printer connector plug’s wire.

We thrive in offering the best JST XH cable customization to meet the different application needs of our customers through a single source.

Applications of JST XH Cable

Why Choose ECOCABLES to Custom JST XH Cable

jst xh extension cable
jst xh extension cable

ECOCABLES boost over 20 years of experience in manufacturing and customizing different kinds of JST XH cable harnesses. Being the professionals that we are, we’ve set up a physical factory that’s located at Dongguan in China.

Over the years, we’ve continued to grow while increasing our product catalog, capabilities, and service to our customers. Our products are also applicable to almost all devices, including electronics and machines among other devices.

Our product range includes JST XH cables in various positions. We can customize JST XH cables according to your requirements. You can email us your drawings and other specifications.

ECOCABLES Provides Customers with Two of JST XH Cables

2.5mm Pitch 4 Pin JST XH Cable

Are you looking for a cable assembly with the ability to properly carry the right current while providing an easy connection and disconnection? Well, then the 2.5mm cable connector will serve you right. The 2.5mm pitch cable connector has the ability to carry that extra amp while providing 0.1-inch pitch compatibility.

These cable assemblies are perfect for different applications and come with a length of 20 cm long. They also have a small form factor with matching sets, inline sockets, and plug connectors. If that’s not enough, they also have a two-friction lock that contributes to the assembly’s easy breezy connections when light or small connectivity is needed.

At ECOCABLES, we provide numerous JST XH extension cable assembly pin configurations.

2-Pin Female JST XH-Style Cable 

This 6-inch 15cm cable features double 26 AWG stranded conductors with 2.5mm pitch 2-pin female JST XH connector style. The connector’s spacing is quite close to 0.1-inches meaning the connector will easily work with 0.1-inch male header pins and solderless breadboards.

The wire’s other ends are unterminated and stripped so as to expose at least 5mm of the tinned copper. However, they can be cut at different lengths to match the application at hand. The black and red wires are properly twisted together. This helps in reducing noise during the JST XH 2-pin cable application.

The 2-pin JST XH cable crimp female connectors securely snap together with three male JST XH style connector types, including the straight, extended right, and right angles.

Various Features of A JST XH Cable

JST XH Cable
High Quality Materials

Our JST XH cables are durable, resistant to both high and cold temperatures, and use environmentally friendly materials.

JST XH Cable
Great Performance

ECOCABLES JST XH cable features a soft wire that works with enough current, tinned copper wires and plastic heads on every end.

JST XH Cable
Easy Connection and Disconnection

ECOCABLES JST XH cable assembly design makes it easy for proper disconnection and connection of the cable assembly.

Washing Machine Wire Harness
ECOCABLES - JST XH Cable Assemblies Supplier in China

Delivers high-quality JST XH cable assemblies to customers worldwide.

  • “ECOCABLES superseded my expectation when it came to quality JST XH cables. Topping it up, their first-class service also stood up. They really helped me achieve the best outcome for my project.”

  • “ECOBALES came in handy when I needed an extended JST XH cable that was perfectly balanced. My problem was solved, as I can now charge my battery perfectly in the Lipo sack”

  • “I am impressed with ECOCABLES’s JST XH cables! All the products that I’ve received have no dents, or scratches, and are very well packaged. They are indeed high-quality. Thank you so much ECOCABLES”

JST XH Cable Assembly: The Ultimate Guide

JST XH Cable is one in which XH connector series are embedded to complete the circuit.

What is JST XH cable?

JST XH cable is one in which XH connector series are embedded to complete the circuit. These wire cable assemblies are then used to connect AC power with lab equipment and PCs. These cable JST XH wire cable assemblies are also used in RC batteries (Li-Po) for charging purposes.

XH2.54 4P cable

JST XH wire cable assemblies are also used in car stereo systems, VCRs, radio-cassette players, battery balancers, and other electronic applications.

What are the advantages of JST XH connector?

JST XH connector is perfect for getting a reliable connectivity solution. Moreover, this XH series of JST connectors are highly reliable. These JST XH connectors further come with twenty different positions to suit the need of the product to be connected with.

JST XH 3 Pin cable

JST XH Connectors are dis-connectable crimp style connectors with various benefits including the following:

  • Stop feature

The JST XH connector series come with an over-stress stop feature to ensure continuity even during low-voltage or dry circuits.

  • Easy to insert and remove

These XH connectors are easy to insert and remove with the help of a four-sided header also called a shrouded header.

  • Protection against high temperature

The heat-resistant shrouded headers prevent the connection post from heat and flux during soldering.

  • Boss header

The JST XH connectors are also provided with boss headers at the bottom of the housing to keep the connection safe from improper insertion and vice versa.

  • Interchangeable with other connectors

XH connector series are interchangeable with other 2.5mm pitch connectors.

  • Mitigating whisker problems
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