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LED Light Wiring Harness

LED light harness comes with a two lights output connection. Therefore, it can be connected with either 2 LED work lights or 2 LED light bars. It’s also compatible with off-road LED bars.

Light wiring harness features an ON/OFF 3 waterproof pin switch. The switch has a red indicator light when the power is ON. It’s also easy to install. In terms of power, the assembly features a 40A power relay with an inline fuse blade that guarantees multiple safety protection for the light harness.

  • Safe and secure in using
  • Take power directly from the storage battery
  • Suitable for all lights
  • LOW MOQ 50pcs accepted
  • Product Name: LED light bar wiring harness
  • The head of the wiring harnesses’ main electrical connection is 6.3mm with a circlip. Switch control line: 3 meters. Switch line: 1 meter. the wiring harnesses are 2 meters. The relay to the work light line is 3 meters, to the battery is 0.5 meters.
Is LED light harness a universal fit?

The LED light harness is easily compatible with fog light, driving light, and fog light. Therefore, its application is widely crucial in automobiles and equipment having a 12V DC supply power.

LED Bar Wire Harness

With a customized LED light harness, you can get up to a 10ft harness with a 14 gauge stranded cable. Depending on the application requirement, the load capacity can be up to 500 W. In terms of the assembly’s length, the length from the relay to the switch is easily extendable.

How to choose the right LED light wire harness?

The lighting wire harness has a vital role in different applications, including automobile lighting. It’s therefore essential to ensure you choose an assembly that best meets your needs. At ECOCABLES, we are always prepared to offer the best custom LED light harness.

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