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LVDS cables make use of super speed techniques within a circuit so as ensure constant multi-gigabit data transmissions. Contact us to customize them!

LVDS Cable

What Is LVDS Cable?

LVDS is a technology that highlights the importance of applying high data transmission assemblies. LVDS cable meaning can therefore be defined as a cabling system with the ability to transfer data at supersonic speed. However, this has to be under twisted cable assemblies.

LVDS cable assemblies must, however, be in a position to abide by the 1000ohm differential imminence requirement for LVDS signals. LVDS cables have therefore managed to gain grounds within the current error as they are able to deliver high volume data rates while using very little power compared to other interfacing techniques.

LVDS Cable Applications

LVDS cable assembly serves a vital role when it comes to data transfers. The cables are mainly used in applications that require large data transfers with a controlled or low power environment—including PC applications. Long before these cable assemblies were introduced, the then cables would occupy more space while delivering slow or lower data transfer rates.

However, with LVDS being supported by the SCSI standards, they offer better features that make them more efficient than traditional cables. First, the SCSI standards allow cables built for LVDS purposes to perfectly support longer cable lengths and higher data transmission rates. LVDS cables also serve a vital role in video interfacing gadgets.

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LVDS Cable Assembly

Benefits of LVDS Cables

An LVDS cable assembly has a lot of benefits apart from the fact that they have the ability to transfer data at very high speeds.

  • Noise control
  • Highly efficient even under low power voltage supplies
  • Significant transmissions as far as signal transmission is concerned
  • Easily compatible with different systems
  • Supports higher signaling rates within minimal signal integrity.
  • Low EMI emissions when compared to TTL and other interfaces.
  • Supports the control signals of data and clock.
30 pin LVDS cable

30 pin LVDS cable refers to an assembly that features a 30 pin connector.

40 Pin LVDS Cable

40 pin LVDS cable refers to an assembly that features a 40 pin connector.

20 Pin LVDS Cable

20 pin LVDS cable refers to an assembly that features a 20 pin connector.

51 Pin LVDS Cable

51 pin LVDS cable refers to an assembly that features a 51 pin connector.

LED Screen Cable

The cable comprises a system of wires that transmit video signals to a screen.

Advanced LVDS Cable Assembly Manufacturing

          LVDS cable assemblies are very popular in some electronic data transfer equipment, like computers and high-definition digital TVs. These cables have great uses in network and analog video interfaces, so this leads to a large demand for LVDS cables in the market.

          At ECOCABLES, we thrive ideally in manufacturing and producing high-quality custom LVDS cable assemblies. We always work closely with our clients to ensure every aspect of the cable assembly feature is met perfectly despite the purpose and length. ECOCABLES can customize a low-voltage differential cable assembly to provide reliable and long-lasting solutions to your needs.

         We have a team of professional engineers who have designed more than 10,000 high-quality and unique LVDS cables. These professionals are usually involved in the entire custom LVDS cable assembly production process to ensure every customer receives a product that is 100% what they’ve been looking for.

         We believe in quality delivery of 100% tested custom LVDS cable assemblies—a reason why we are trusted globally. Trust us to help you achieve reliable custom LVDS cable assembly requirements. We will ensure you receive the perfect solution for all your data transfer issues.

Why LVDS cable assemblies are the best option?

For anyone that has worked with flat screens or has integrated them into their products, then it’s possible that you might have come across LVDS cable assemblies.

LVDS Cable assembly

LCD cable assemblies have gained wide popularity since their introduction. They are currently being applied in almost every sector, including industrial vision machines, LCD-TV sets, and different communication systems, among others. Therefore, this piece will shed more light on everything you need to know about an LVDS wire assembly.

Are all LVDS cable assemblies the same?

The answer will be a big NO. This is simply because each cable features a unique LVDS cable assembly’s pin owning to the LCD panels being applied. The SBC that drives the applied LCD will also play a role in determining the pin out to be issued. This also means that LVDS cable assemblies can be generally customized according to the client’s application requirements and needs.

LVDS Cable assembly

LCD cable assemblies have become popular in almost all communication equipment. This includes smart devices and PCs. These assemblies also work magic when it comes to networking and analog video linking. With customized LVDS cable assemblies, users get an option of choosing cable lengths of their choice depending on the LVDS system necessities and structure.

What are the LVDS cable problems?

As much as these cables feature lots of advantages, they also have their weak points. Some of the commonly known disadvantages of LVDS cable assemblies include:

  • High price tags
  • Twisted cables
  • Features reduced jitter flexibility compared to PECL signal cables
  • Cannot support data rates exceeding 3.125Gbps

LVDS Cable assembly

Should I go for a customized LVDS cable?

Featuring speeds of up to 155.5 Mbps, I personally recommend custom LVDS cable assemblies. With customization, you also get to enjoy an LVDS cable assembly that has the ability to meet your personal requirements without the need for alterations which could be costly.

LVDS Cable assembly

Custom LVDS cable assembly also makes it possible to have an assembly that is fine pitched to accept even small gauge wires leading to a flexible cable assembly that is able to transfer data quickly, even in tighter units.

How to choose the right LVD cable assemblies?

With a wide option of LVD cable assemblies, it’s important to take your time and carry out the necessary research before making a decision. This will help you have a clear understanding in terms of cost and the features that your application requires of them.

LVDS Cable assembly

Remember LVDS cable assemblies don’t necessarily have to be expensive or confusing, provided you have the right advice fr0m people with better knowledge and your interest at heart like ECOCABLES. I hope that this information guides you in the right direction.

How does LVDS cable assembly system work?

LVDS cable assembly works by employing a differential system approach. This means the cables carry two varying electrical currents or voltages. The difference in voltage is then compared at the transmission and receiver, where the LVDS encodes the data. This is made possible by using the existing difference within the wires, putting LVDS’s differential data approach at a better advantage when it comes to different effects including common mode noise, compared to the single-ended schemes.

The differential transmission approach is quite unique. This approach works by utilizing two wires featuring opposite voltage and current swings in conveying data. This is an advantage to the cable assembly users since LVDS cable assembly’s differential transmission approach offers less noise interruption as the noise is coupled equally within the two cables and rejected by the receivers. This, however, is never the case with the single-ended approach.

LVD cable assemblies

The receiver is designed to work by just looking at the difference that exists between the two signals. However, the receiver also serves a vital role as its responsible for radiating less noise due to the cancellation of magnetic fields that are generated instead of single-ended signals. At ECOCABLES, we always ensure we provide our clients with the best product, that’s why our customized LVDS cables are designed with the best features.

This includes shielding the whole LVDS cable assembly as well as introducing different protective methods like drain wires and ferrite beads. Shielding your LVDS cables not only helps in eliminating EMI but also counters other electronic components that can distort the whole function of the cable assembly including the quality of the image.

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