M8 and M12 Connectors

Can’t Get Reliable Connections, why not Try Out Our Field Instable M8/M12 Ethernet

ECOCABLES takes pride in manufacturing M8 and M12 connector systems that feature a simple yet fully loaded solution including IO modules, connectors, and wire assemblies. All this makes it possible for users to decrease the installation and tooling expenses in the best way possible. To have a glimpse of the many benefits that our customized field installable M8 and M12 Ethernet offer, why not try them out today?

M8/M12 Ethernet Connectors Features

  • Features an A, B, D, X, S, and T coding system
  • Comes with a simple and easy installable connector systems
  • The connector is equipped with IP67 and IP68 environmental protection
  • Our M8 and M12 connectors exists in different series which includes the 2-pin, 3-pin, 4-pin, 5-pin and 12-pin
  • For PCB or Solder cup arrangements, our connectors feature an alternative mount arrangement
  • Our M8 AND M12 connectors also feature shield reliability
  • The connectors provide a secure, reliable, and quick connection
  • Offers backward compatibility

M8 and M12 Connector

ECOCABLES M8 Connector Overview

ECOCABLES M8 connectors feature waterproof 3-pin screws and are normally used with industrial sensors The connector’s design and pre-assembling process gives them the ability to remain water-tight during application even when submerged. This makes them perfect for application taking place in harsh environments, while at the same time reducing the setup time, thereby saving both time and expenses.

As if that’s not enough, ECOCABLES’s M8 connectors are perfectly designed such that the connector is able to offer a fully packaged solution that features both the IO models and wiring assemblies. Owing to this, the connector is able to deliver quality results within different applications such as machine building, actuators, printing, and textile presses.

M12 Connector Overview

M12 connector series simply refers to a circular connector featuring a 12-mm locking thread. This connector is mainly applied within factory automation applications for sensors, actuators, Fieldbus, and industrial Ethernet. However, ECOCABLES’s M12 connector design is perfectly equipped to offer reliable and quality applications when it comes to corrosive or washdown environments. These connectors exist in the 3-pin,4-pin,5-pin,8-pin, and also 12-pins. It, therefore, means that users have to ensure they pick the right connector for their applications. For sensor and power applications, then the 3 and 4-pin connectors are the best.

However, for ethernet or PROFINET applications, then the 4 and 8-pin connectors will deliver the best results. Fieldbus, DeviceNet, and CAN bus mainly use the 4 and 5-pin connectors, while 12-pin M12 connectors are normally applied when it comes to signal requirements.

ECOCABLES M12 connector systems offer a full application solution including connectors, cable assemblies, and IO models- a reason why our M12 connectors have become common in many applications including communications, agriculture, factory automation, robotic industries, control and measurement, and transportation.

ECOCABLES’s M8 and M12 Connector Benefits

Our M8/M12 connectors come with a lot of advantages. This is simply because we’ve made it a habit of ensuring the best manufacturing process are put in place. we have a skilled team of professionals who handle everything with the utmost care, from the design process to the final product test. This makes our M8/M12 connectors stand out as they offer a lot of benefits including but not limited to the following:

M8 and M12 Connector

  • Reduction of downtime particularly within harsh environments.
  • Offering reliable and consistent industry standards solutions with quick turnrounds in prototyping wire assemblies.
  • ECOCABLES’s M8/M12 connectors help in reducing both the installation and tooling expenses
  • Offer the ability to expand the life span of different devices by being dependable for a wider application variety even in harsh environments.
  • Our M8.M12 connectors have the ability to provide a higher bandwidth support
  • Provides a full solution that includes customized general market wire assemblies making it possible for one-stop shopping as well as reduced TCO.

With such advantages at your disposal, why not reach out to ECOCABLES for the best M8 and M12 connectors? We will help you achieve your application goals, by customizing your M8/M12 connectors keeping your requirements in mind.

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