M8 Cable Assembly Supplier

ECOCABLES can customize M8 cable solutions according to your needs, including connectivity to many industry standards. All M8 circular cables meet IP67/IP68 waterproof requirements.

  • Available in 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8 pin harsh environment connectors, etc.
  • Straight connector or 90 Degree angle M8 cable connector
  • Male to male, female to female, male to female, double ended, single end to blunt cut
  • M8 molding cable, PVC or PUR cable for selection, can be customized with different lengths
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ECOCABLES - M8 Cable Assembly

Modern industrial production has increasingly stringent requirements for the safety, reliability, and rapid installation of connection systems in all its aspects. We can provide customers with safe, reliable, convenient, and quick M8 cable assemblies.

As one of the M8 sensor cable manufacturers, ECOCABLES has established good relationships with some excellent M8 cable wire and connector suppliers. Our cables and connectors have special features to deal with all kinds of harsh environments, such as cleaning agents, oils, lubricants, heavy mechanical contamination, etc.

All custom M8 cables are manufactured according to international professional standards. Every step is monitored and the goods are rigorously tested before each shipment.

Don’t risk delay, let us handle your project with professionalism and excellent customer service!

Product By Various Pins Connector

M8 3 Pin Cable

This is a cable with an M8 3 pin connector.

M8 4 Pin Cable

This is a cable with an M8 4 pin connector.

M8 5 Pin Cable

This is a cable with an M8 5 pin connector.

M8 8 Pin Cable
M8 8 Pin Cable

This is a cable with an M8 8 pin connector.

4 Products Found.

Product By Connector Shape

M8 Straight Cable
M8 Straight Cable

This is a cable with a straight M8 circular connector.

M8 Right Angle Cable
M8 Right Angle Cable

This is a cable with an M8 right angle connector.

M8 Straight to Right Angle Cable
M8 Straight to Right Angle Cable

This is an I and L M8  connector cable.

3 Products Found.

M8 Sensor Cable Advantages

Highly Customizable
Customized Solutions

A wide range of standard M8 cables may not meet all the specific requirements and applications of the automation industry. ECOCABLES also provides customized modifications and solutions for these situations.

wire harness
Global Presence

Our experts can advise you about the right M8 cable according to your requirements. We have high product availability that allows us to deliver products quickly across the globe. Your satisfaction is our goal.

Low Cost

ECOCABLES is an OEM original factory,  which ensures the same quality at a much better price. This can help you save money for your solution. The sooner you submit your quote, the faster we can offer you an outstanding price!

Various Certification

Our M8 cables have all the relevant certificates, such as CE, ISO 9001, UL, RoHS, etc. In addition, ECOCABLES will provide you with solutions that match your needs exactly. Don’t waste your time with other companies. Trust us!

Wide Range of Connectivity Solutions for M8 Cables

  • Single-end and extension connectors
  • Make custom length cordsets using connector assemblies
  • Panel-mounting connectors
  • Y-joint connectors
  • Fast connection models simplify maintenance and reduce downtime
  • Wash-down resistant models with Ecolab certification
  • Special oil-resistant models
  • Robotic high flexible cables and vibration-proof models
  • Different quality cables PVC, PUR, and PP


M8 Cables
M8 Cable Assembly

Choose the Right M8 Cable Jacket

ECOCABLES can provide PVC and PUR outside are available for your choice, or according to your needs!

PVC jacket cable is the most commonly used cable in M8 connectors. Our PVC cable jackets are available in a variety of colors (e.g., yellow, black, gray, and orange) and will stand up well in typical industrial environments. If constant bending or wear is an environmental concern, a PUR jacket is a good choice; Our PUR cable jackets come in a variety of colors.

Applications of M8 Cable Assembly

Our M8 sensor cables are widely used! M8 cables are used in outdoor light boxes, construction machinery, steel production equipment, electric power equipment, mining machinery, marine machinery, automotive equipment, production automation equipment, temperature sensors, hydraulic machine tools, sensors, solenoid valves, instruments, pressure transmission, etc.

At the same time, we can customize the cable to suit your application requirements!

m8 cable

Choose ECOCABLES M8 Sensor Cable

M8 sensor cable
M8 sensor cable

With over 20 years of experience, we have recommended and designed custom M8 patch cable assemblies for a wide range of industries and usage cases. We’ll break down some of the wire types we frequently work with for our clients.

If you require standard M8 cables from our stock, we offer competitive prices and fast delivery. If you require a custom M8 cable, you can contact our engineering team to discuss your specific design requirements.

Today place an order or with any M8 cable-related questions you might have regarding projects you’re working on.

M8 Cable Assembly

We have reliable professional wire suppliers, quality assurance.  A wide range of wire types are available and our skilled team of engineers are always can help you get the exact style and design of any project you need.

  • Wire AWG: 22AWG, 24AWG, 26 AWG, or according to your requirements
  • Cable Jacket: PVC, PUR, or according to your requirements
  • Various color wire and jacket
  • Custom cable length
  • UL/VDA approval
M8 cable

Our M8 connectors have waterproof, oil-resistant, cold-resistant, stable performance, and fast connection. Various M8 connectors are available:

  • Available in 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8-pin connectors, etc.
  • Gender: male, female, hermaphroditic
  • Shape: straight, right angle
  • Termination Style: crimp, screw, clamp, or IDT (Insulation Displacement Termination)
  • Housing Material: plastic, metal, or stainless steel
  • Contact Plating: gold, tin, and optalloy

M8 Cable Assembly Features

M8 cable
High Precision Oxygen-free Copper

The conductor of our M8 sensor actuator cable is oxygen-free copper, which conducts electricity very well. It has lower resistance and higher electrical conductivity than other materials.

M8 Cable Assembly
Oils and Lubricants Resistant

Because the M8 cable is used in harsh environments, the M8 connector must be oil and lubricant resistant, able to withstand heavy mechanical loads, and suitable for drag chains.

M8 cables
IP Enclosure Ratings

Our M8 cables meet IP ratings such as IP69K, which is used to protect against high pressure cleaning and steam cleaning. In addition, the cables used in this area are particularly resistant to acid and alkaline cleaning agents.

Washing Machine Wire Harness
M8 Cable Assembly in China

With over two years of experience as a leading custom M8 cable assembly manufacturer.

  • “Thank you for replying to my request within half an hour!”

  • “You suggested alternative M8 connectors and wires for me, which really helped me reduce the cost.”

  • “I am glad that you can provide the test report for the M8 cable assembly”

M8 Cable Assembly: The Ultimate Guide

M8 cable assembly is a cable using an M8 connector. This M8 connector can be divided into male and female types according to the connection body!

What is an M8 cable assembly?

M8, on the same, is ideal for most industrial sensors. M8 wiring harness comes with a 3-pin connector that is also waterproof. It is a pre-assembled cable assembly connector that remains water-light even when submerged. They are perfect for harsh environments. Most of the M8 cable assembly applications are in machine building, printing and textile presses, and HVAC systems.

M8 Cable Assembly

What are the merits of using M8 cable assembly?

The assembly of the M8 wiring harness takes time. This is to ensure that the end product comes out perfect and is easy to apply. Therefore, they help reduce the setup time and the need for hiring an electrician or even a qualified technician. Other benefits include:

M8 Cable Assembly

  • M8 prototype cable assembly help reduce downtime by providing reliable and standard solutions, particularly within harsh environmental applications. This leads to increased production efficiency.
  • Minimizes tooling and installation expenditure by offering error-free field-installable cable assembly.
  • It helps in extending the life span of your device through the application of M8 connectors. This makes the assembly reliable even in extreme applications.
  • Offer solutions that include customized cable assemblies that promote one-stop shopping.
Why use M8 cable assembly?

A cable assembly connected with M8 connectors makes it easy when it comes to assembling, servicing, and also testing an industrial system.

M8 Cable Assembly

The production cost involved in producing these assemblies is expensive, especially with the cord setting of the connector. Nevertheless, you will have a better chance of saving on cost as the assembly will not require regular maintenance.

What are the benifits of M8 ethernet cable assembly?

For a safe and reliable application, you need to have the right cable assembly for your application. With an M8 cable assembly system, you have the chance to enjoy a wider variety of solutions. This includes excellent industrial signals and also network communication.

These cable assemblies are quick and easy to install. They are also tested and certified, making them a better option for industrial applications.

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