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Mini Din Cable

The Mini-DIN cable is used for a variety of industries and devices but is most commonly used to connect apple or Mac computers to compatible peripherals.  

Each cable comes with a fully formed connector and is shielded to prevent any unwanted EMI/RFI interference caused by office lighting, telephones, etc. 

  • 3-pin Mini din cable
  • 4-pin Mini din cable
  • 5-pin Mini din cable
  • 6-pin Mini din cable
  • 8-pin Mini din cable
  • 10-pin Mini din cable
  • Connect your Apple or Mac computer to a compatible peripheral
  • Connector 1: (1) 8-pin Mini Din Male
  • Connector 2: (1) 8-pin Mini Din Male
  • Connector 1: 8-pin Mini Din Male and Connector 2: 8-pin Mini Din Male
  • Each cable comes molded and fully shielded to provide you with a more durable connection
  • Connect your Apple¿ or Mac computer to a compatible peripheral.

Mini Din Cable Summary

Mini din Cable is a circular wire of cables containing various numbers of pins. They are originally from Deutsches and have been evolving throughout the years. Originally designed for a few appliances, this accessory has evolved to lengths and applies to many electronic devices and appliances.

The Mini din Cable is categorized into different types depending on the number of pins attached. They consist of a layout of pins attached to a plug that allows the right connection. In most cases, the Mini din Cable is known for the unique connection they hold.

Features of a Mini Din Cable

The Mini din cable has several features to it. It consists of attached plugs with pins that are three to nine in number that provide room for data collection, picking of signals, and flow of power current to equipment.

Most Mini din cable consists of a metallic circular shield that is 9.5mm in diameter and has several bumps to ensure correct connections. Also, they include an additional non-conductive element that fits into the cable port for perfect insertion. Since the pins are usually very tiny and weak, correct insertion contributes to protecting the pins.

The attached plugs are also specific to the arrangements of pins, key size, the position of the squares, and the metallic shieling additions. Also, each plug is specific to its pattern of pins during installation

Mini din cable is in different varieties that include:

3 pin Mini Din Cable

The 3-pin Mini din cable is used to connect to devices that contain a 3-pin Mini Din connection, either in audio or video electronics. It’s mostly used with a cable of approximately 5mm in diameter. Additionally, it’s applicable in stereo and computer data network electronics.

4 pin Mini Din Cable

The 4-pin Mini din cable contains four pins and a keying notch that allows proper insertion of the pins. The pins are arranged in 2 separate rows and are frequently used in ground signal connections. It’s commonly known as an S-Video connector.

5 pin Mini Din Cable

5 pin Mini Din Cable

This 5 pin Mini din Cable is designed with five pins usually arranged in a round pattern. It’s among the oldest manufactured Mini din cables and was used mainly for the various computer keyboards.

6-pin Mini Din Cable

6 pin Mini Din Cable

The 6-pin Mini din Cable consists of 6 pins and an attached keying notch. It was first tried and used on IBM computers before being industrialized to be used in broader communication and computing appliances. Additionally, it is a valuable accessory for the keyboards and mice of computers.

8-pin Mini Din Cable

8 pin Mini Din Cable

The 8-pin Mini din cable has three pins; the top rows hold three pins each, while the bottom row holds two pins individually. Also, experts found this arrangement common, especially the old Apple computers. However, it applies to video appliances and electronic projectors.

10-pin Mini Din Cable

10 -pin Mini din cable consists of solder pins that are not easy to install with wires due to the closeness of the pins. They are applicable in large computing systems and vast data collection and signal appliances.

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