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Molex Cable for Fans

Fans are important components of a PC. This is due to the fact that they are responsible for controlling the temperature inside a PC for better, more reliable, and quick feedback. They also manage rotation speeds and voltage supply which prevent any kind of instability that can ruin your PC.

However, you need to ensure you have the right Molex cables for fans for better results.

We do our best to provide various Molex fan cables to our customers.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.  

  • Molex connector
  • Cross / replacement connector is available
  • Customized length
  • Suitable for fan
  • Product Name: Electric fan wiring harness / electric fan harness/ cooling fan wiring harness
  • Wire: UL1007 wire, multi-color, 10cm
  • Connector 1: 4-pin Molex
  • Connector 2: 2 – white plug 12v 2/3 pin connectors, 2 – black plug 5v 2/3 pin connectors
  • Input: 12V 4pin
  • Output: 2x5V, 2x12V(2/3PIN)
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What are the three types of connectors used for fans?

Three main types of connectors are used for fans. This includes a fan to Molex adapter connector, the 3-pin fan connector to Molex, and the 4 pin fan connector to Molex. All these three types have different capabilities.

Molex to fans connectors usually spin at constant speeds as the connector receives 12 volts.

Molex cable for fan

3 pin fan connector to Molex, on the other hand, allows for 5, 7, and 12 voltage operations. This means that fewer voltages will affect the speed of the motor. Most of the traditional motherboards feature 3 pin connectors.

4 pin fan connectors to Molex are the new trend. This connector is a mix of both the new and old features. It also receives a constant 12V for operation. The 4th wire is normally used in sending pulse width signals. Therefore, it can easily ramp up or down instead of umping the RAM. This connector operates at lower speeds when compared to 3 pin fan connector.

The Molex to 4 pin fan connectors and Molex to 4 pin fan connectors also come with an adapter. This makes it possible to use the Molex fan adapter plug to power these connectors in a punch.

Is a Molex cable for fans a better option?

Using Molex to fan adapters is way better than the application of MB headers. This is because you get power directly from a PSU. Your fans will also run at full speeds, which in turn results in maximum airflow within the PC.

What are the difference between a 3 and 4 pin fan connector?

If you have tried assembling a PC, you have noticed that most PC brands usually have a Molex to 3 pin fan connector or Molex to 4 pin fan adapter. However, there are major differences that do exist among these connectors, as highlighted below.

As much as you can control the fans’ rotation speed with a 3 pin fan to Molex adapter connector, there is always a limitation to the extent which is not as accurate and automatic as with 4 pin Molex fan cable. With 3 pin Molex fan connector, the more the voltage is applied, the slower the fan rotates, something that can affect the modern PC requirements.

Molex cable for fan

3 pin Molex fan connector is designed for smaller fans with lower power consumption, while the 4 pin Molex to 4 pin fan connector is perfectly designed to match modern PCs with high power consumption.

Molex 4 pin fan connector has a long life span owing to the fact that it can adjust its RPM and voltage according to the required temperature. molex 3 pin fan connectors on the same mostly rotate the PC’s fan at high potential, making them lose their efficiency within a short period.

Is Molex 3 pin and 4 pin fan power splitter cable recommended?

A splitter is simply a group of wires that have connections. It features a single input arm with a female connector which is used to plug the headers. On the other side, it has two or even three output arms with each having a male connector that is used to plug in the fans.

The 3 pin Molex fan power splitter cable is a low-cost solution for connecting two fans on a single Molex power connector. It has the ability to retain quality connection and cooling without necessarily having to upgrade your PC’s power system. This splitter offers flexibility when it comes to repositioning 2 CPU fans for better and optional cooling.

Molex cable for fan

A 4 pin Molex fan splitter will work perfectly regardless of whether your PC features 4 pin or 3 pin headers and fans. The connectors will simply fit and you’re PC’s electrical connections will work appropriately. This is the reason why a 4 spin splitter is mostly preferred.

Finally, the current trend in most PC has seen the 4 pin Molex connector be highly used. However, this should not limit you to the other type of Molex for fan connectors. Remember the best type of Molex cable for fans to use will highly depend on your PC model.

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