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  • Around 1000 Part Numbers of MOLEX connector in stock
  • Replacement / equivalent / cross available saving your budget
  • Waterprfoof & UV resistant under harsh environment


molex cable

Molex Power Cables with Thousands of Molex Connectors

PicoBlade/ Milli-Grid/ SL Modular/ Micro-Fit/ Mini-Fit Family/ KK 396/ Mini-Fit Sr. Power / Pico-Lock / KK 254/ Mini-SPOX

We can also suggest replacement/ equivalent /cross connector to replace original Molex ones to save source cost and deliver faster goods.

Functions of Molex cable connectors

Molex connectors are available in a wide range to suit your appliance requirements. The design flexibility in connectors varies according to the wire harness or cable assembly. These multiple types allow you to pick and choose according to the need of your product. You can contact ECOCABLES cable assembly manufacturers to get your required wire cables.

The connectors help to convert the DC power to the drives in the PC case.

Molex Wiring Harness
electronic cable assemblies

Electronic cable assemblies are widely used in different home appliances, with ROHS compliant raw materials.

picoblade cable assembly

Picoblade cable assemblies are cables using Molex  Picoblade connector, with a small pitch of 1.25mm. Full certification including UL, CE, and more.

molex micro fit cable assembly

Picoblade cable assemblies are cables using Molex Micro-Fit connector, with a small pitch of 3.0mm.

4 Pin SATA Power Cable

The cable provides power to ATA Serial hard drive through an LP4 connection.

Molex Cable for Fans

Molex cable for fans is widely used in all kinds of equipment electric fans.

5 Pin Molex Cable

5 pin Molex cable is a cable with 5 pin molex connector.

Your One-stop Cable Harness Source Vendor in China

         Molex connector, as one of the famous connector companies in the world. It is chosen by many electronics and home appliance manufacturers to make harness cables to connect different parts inside.

         You can just send us drawings or specs of the cable harness assembly with Molex connector, we will check everything. If you don’t know what cable is suitable, we will offer our professional advice for you. There are different cables available, PVC or XLPE or TPE insulation, stranded or solid conductor, from 32awg to 6awg…….

         Another big advantage is we can always help save customers’ source budget. We know what connector can replace Molex connector in China. Equivalent and cross connector makes harness assembly production faster lead time and cost-saving.


What is a Molex cable assembly?

Molex cable assembly is designed to solve your connectivity issues. The wire assembly is made by using a number of wires arranged together in a single unit with Molex connector types. Thus the cable assembly varies with different configurations.

There is a variety of wire cable assemblies in different configurations. There are:

  • Single-ended wire assemblies
  • Dual-ended wire assemblies
  • Straight configured Molex cables
  • Branched configured cable assemblies

molex cable assembly

How does Molex cable assembly facilitate engineers?

Molex cable assemblies facilitate the engineers with the connection options. Moreover, cable assemblies can be dressed additionally in heat shrinking tubes, cable ties, cloth tapes etc.

Thus, engineers can make use of different configurations and varied dressing options to make appropriate connections. With the right kind of cable and configuration, routing and management of cables within the specific product will be facilitated.

Furthermore, there are other options that can be availed by the engineer to facilitate themselves while working on a specific product. The options include:

  • Expandable woven sleeves
  • Corrugated tubes
  • Twisted
  • Ferrite cores
  • Labels etc.

molex cable assembly

What is Molex wire harness used for?

Molex wire harness is made to make installation, repair, and maintenance of wire supplies easier. With different wires arranged together in a single unit, it will be easier to install them.

The discrete cable assembly is designed to supply different powers of different cables in a single supply. Thus, you don’t have to plug in different wires separately and the mess can be solved with just a single unit.

Molex Wiring Harness

Moreover, the cable assembly is rather a neat and organized solution. A single wire assembly has different wires supplying different powers.

Molex cable assembly keeps your connections:

  • Safe
  • Organized
  • Easily installable
  • Repairable
  • Maintainable
What are the functions of the connectors in the Molex cable assembly?

Molex cable assembly is incomplete without connectors. Thus, to make your connection perfectly complete in a cable assembly, Molex Company offers a number of Molex connector types to give a complete set perfect solution in a single wire assembly.

molex wiring harness

The connectors help to convert the DC power to the drives in the PC case. Molex Cable factory has a range of connector types and wire cable assemblies to suit your high power and industrial requirements.

What are the types of connectors in Molex wiring harness?
  • Pico-Clasp
  • Pico-Lock
  • PicoBlade
  • CLIK-Mate
  • MicroClaspNano-FitMicro-Fit
  • Micro-Fit OvermoldedUltra-Fit (black and white)
  • Mini-Fit
  • Mini-Fit Overmolded
  • Mega-Fit
  • Mega-Fit Overmolded
  • Mini-Fit Sr.
  • … …

molex wiring harness

What are the most commonly used connectors in a discrete wire cable assembly?

There is a number of different Molex connector types available in the market to help you get the right solution. There are two different types of connectors:

  • Wire-to-board connectors
  • Wire-to-wire connectors

Molex Wire Harness

Wire-to-Board connector includes multiple connector types with different current and headers etc. Some of them are:

  • Mini-Lock wire-to-board connector system carrying 3.5 A current
  • Mighty-SPOX connector system carries 5.5 A current
  • Nano-Fit Power Connectors carry 8 A current

molex cable harness

Wire-to-Wire connectors include the following connector types available at Molex connectors. These connectors include the following:

  • PicoBlade Connector system carrying 1 A current
  • Milli Grid Connector System carries 2 A current
  • MicroTCA Connector System carries 2.5 A current.

molex wire harness

Besides the above connector types, there are other configurations also available. You can customize the order as well

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