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Molex Micro-Fit Cable Assembly

Molex Micro-Fit cable assembly is perfect for your various power and signal applications.

These cables are mostly used to help relieve the stress of rugged wires to prevent disconnection or other hazards.

Molex Micro-Fit cable assembly is made in multiple circuits and carried lengths to help you save your connection.

  • 3.0mm pitch
  • Cross / replacement connector is available
  • Make a prototype based on your need

  • RoHS compliant

  • Product Name: Molex micro-fit cable assembly
  • Cable: 18awg
  • Cable Color: black
  • Jacket Material: PVC
  • Connector 1: Micro fit 2PIN female
  • Connector 2: Micro fit 2PIN male
What is Molex Micro-Fit cable assembly?

Molex Company excels in designing multiple discreet wire assemblies with varied options. Micro-Fit Cable Assembly also comes in numerous configurations to make it easier for you to choose according to the specific power supply. To serve your needs, Molex Micro-Fit Cable Assembly is made in multiple circuits and carried lengths to help you save your connection.

Micro-Fit cable assembly

Molex Micro-Fit Cable Assembly is made by using single and isolated wire connections to make production, design, and prototyping more convenient for the user. Moreover, the wires are colored differently to aid correct connection thus completing the system.

What are the benefits of Molex Micro-Fit cable assembly?

Molex Micro-Fit Cable Assembly is perfect to avert any hazard or malfunction in the connection. When the wires become rugged, there is a possibility of short circuits and other accidents.

Molex Micro-Fit Cable Assembly will sort the issue because the system becomes safe with over-molding. Thus the benefits can be summed up as the following:

Micro-Fit cable assembly

  • The connections are secured
  • Reduction of mechanical stress on wires and terminals
  • Ideal for many power and circuit applications
  • Prohibit accidental miss-mating
  • Isolated contacts help infirm and secure connection
  • Polarized housings
  • Positive latching on the housing
What are the features of Molex Micro-Fit cable assembly?

Molex Micro-Fit Cable Assembly features many positive outcomes for rugged wire connections. There are different versions available, each with its specific features.

Micro-Fit cable assembly

  • 45132 Series

This Micro-Fit Cable Assembly is for wire-to-board connections. This series comes with a lock provided at one end of the connector thus helping in the safety of the wiring system. The lock also prevents accidents initiated as a result of mishandling or vibration. 45132 series is used with 43045 Micro-Fit 3.0 PCB headers and Micro-Fit 3.0 43020 series plug housings.

The maximum current on this series is 5A and the maximum voltage is 600V.

  • 245132-0610 Series

This Molex Micro-Fit Cable Assembly series is an over-molded cable assembly. The wire connectors have positive latching on the housings, locking tangs on the terminals, and strain relief, etc.

245132-0610 Series can withstand a voltage of 300V and a current of 5.5A.  These Micro-Fit Cable Assemblies mate with MicroFit 3.0 test plug (44242), Micro-Fit 3.0 headers (43045), and Micro-Fit 3.0 plug housings (43020).

  • Molex Micro-Fit 3.0 245132 Series

This series is fully molded female-to-female cable assemblies from the 3.0mm Micro-Fit Molex Cable Assembly. These are double-ended cable assemblies providing high-density, low-power interconnect solutions.

Molex Micro-Fit 3.0 245132 Series mate with 43045 headers and 43020 series plug housings.

  • Molex Micro-Fit Over-molded Cable Assemblies

These are double-ended, over-molded Cable assemblies to provide relief to the rugged wire systems. These wires can carry 5A current making them suitable for most power connections and terminals. The maximum voltage capacity is 300 V.

What are the different applications of Molex Micro-Fit cable assembly?

The application of these Molex Micro-Fit Cable Assemblies is wide and can be categorized into:

Molex Micro-Fit cable assembly

  • Consumer application

The consumer application of these cable assemblies includes gaming, vending machines, fan tray assemblies, office equipment, printers, security systems, etc.

  • Medical application

These wire cable assemblies can also be used in analytical motors and diagnostic machines etc.

  • Communication

These Micro-Fit Molex Cable Assemblies can also be used in personal computers, data servers, workstations, and a lot more.

  • Telecommunication

Other applications of these Molex cable assemblies include routers, servers, hubs, and power supplies, etc.

  • Sustainable energy

These Molex Micro-Fit Cable Assemblies can be used in solar power as well.

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