Molex Quick Disconnect Terminals

Molex quick-disconnect terminals are a favorite and common preference among users and electricians. They are manufactured in different designs that categorize them in various types based on the performance ability and nature of the invention. They are also referred to as fast-on connectors by many 1users.

The Molex Quick Disconnect Terminals provide quick and fast ways to connect and disconnect from separate wires. They consist of male and female terminals that are attached to separate connectors. In addition, these quick-disconnect terminals are reusable.

Properties and specifications of Molex Quick Disconnect Terminals

Quick disconnect terminals are made up of various insulations. The vinyl insulation material is a barrier against short circuits caused by abrasions and frictions between metal contacts. In addition, their wire is crimped once while insulated with vinyl.

When insulated with nylon material, crimping of the wire happens twice, both at the wire strand terminal and insulation wire terminal. The nylon insulation prevents the cables from premature failure since they act as a barrier against vibration.

Molex Quick Disconnect Terminals

Furthermore, quick disconnect terminals that are not insulated and fully insulated only have one crimping done to the wires. However, the fully insulated ones allow closure in areas with metal contacts, preventing the flow of liquids and contaminations that could interfere with the electric discharge.

They offer low penetration force and increased fitting capabilities. They use wires of an approximate diameter of 25 mm and 11mm in depth.

Types of Molex Quick Disconnect Terminals

  1. Quixote Quick disconnect terminals

These type of quick-disconnect terminals consists of dependent aligned features that allow smooth and safe connections across varying equipment application. Commonly applicable in marine equipment, they contain a reduced insertion force required to fit with different connector lugs.

In addition, they are designed with an open cut-out that allows for easy mating, entry, and insertion of wires. It’s primarily preferred when the fitting process is challenging to achieve. They can be found in separate units or different bundles of strips. Mainly used with UL standard wires and is easily crimped with any other industrial equipment.

  1. Heat-Shrink Quick-Disconnect Terminals

These Quick Disconnect terminals feature an easy disconnection. They are also easy to connect, making them perfect in extremely harsh conditions. Heat is applied to the airports after the wire is crimped; thus, it offers moisture resistance and ensures that the wire does not loosen and gets out of the terminal; however, cutting through the terminals while creating insertions points during crimping is difficult.

Heat-Shrink Quick-Disconnect Terminals

  1. Flag Quick-Disconnect Terminals

It has a unique design that allows convenience during the crimping process, and also this quick disconnect terminal can be used in limited spaces, thus providing space utilization.

  1. Non-Insulated Quick-Disconnect Terminals

This quick disconnect terminal offers safety from vibrations activities that can result in wire failing prematurely. They require standard crimping and are designed to block the airport from getting out.

Heat-Shrink Quick-Disconnect Terminals

  1. Stud Mount Quick-Disconnect Terminals

It consists of stud connectors that allow connections. No crimp is required for these terminals. In addition, Piggy-Back Quick-Disconnect Terminals connect male terminals to female terminals. They only require two crimping to the wire.

Benefits of the Molex Quick Disconnect Terminals

  • Cost friendly as they come in different designs, therefore, offer a preference of choice to the user.
  • They are perfect for electric connections and thus provide a good flow of electrical conductivity.
  • They provide good crimping abilities that prevent the wires from going through shock and failing prematurely.
  • Users can apply it across different industrial appliances without strain and failure.
  • Perfect to use in harsh environmental conditions and are perfectly insulated to offer resistance against moisture, dust, and liquids

Furthermore, the Molex quick disconnect terminal is estimated to have the upper hand in the global market as more purchases increases. Due to their convenience, more industries are choosing this equipment for their overall applications in equipment during installations.


Molex Quick Disconnect terminal offers convenient abilities for use and fast and secure connections during applications. Its standard equipment with a perfect orientation is designed to increase its performance abilities.


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