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Molex Ribbon Cable

Molex ribbon cable is a type of compositional multiple conducting wires that are lined up side-by-side to create flat, wide cabling attached to a Molex connector.

Basically, the name is derived from its construction resemblance to a ribbon. It is also known as multi-planar cable or simply a Molex flat ribbon cable which is flexible enough to be maneuvered within small and tight spaces, just like what you commonly see on today’s electronic devices.

The Molex ribbon cable’s flat nature really helps in the management of cables because it entails both the uniform and flat shape of a cable.

  • flat ribbon cable
  • Molex connector
  • Product Name: Molex ribbon cable
  • Cable: UL2651 28AWG
  • Cable Pitch: PH1.27MM
  • Connector Type: Molex 90327-0308

Molex Flat Ribbon Cable Outline

The advancement in technology has brought forth a high demand for new and improved appliances. For these gadgets to function properly, they need a reliable wire harness that has the ability to offer optimum services.

With a Molex flat ribbon cable, data transmission and interconnection of different components within the devices have become more reliable. One of the devices that make use of Molex flat ribbon cable is the computer.

What are the benefits of a flat ribbon molex cable

Flat ribbon cable provides better reliability with a superior flex life span within the demanding and high stress environs. Molex connectors provide easy design flexibility and can accommodate different cable lengths, connector orientations, and different circuit sizes.

Molex Flat Ribbon Cable

Some of the common benefits that Molex flat cable offers include but are not limited to avoiding any issues related to wire coupling, space-saving design, and improved resistance to electromagnetic interference (EMI)/radio frequency interference (RFI).

What are Molex flat ribbon cables used for?

Molex ribbon cable, also known as Molex flat ribbon cable, is the most popular type of cable used for data transmission and communication in electronics devices. These versatile cables are often chosen for internal wiring used in computer applications, printers, PCs, robotics, circuit boards, industrial controls, TVs, and so much more.

Molex Ribbon Cable

A Molex flat ribbon cable is also used in connecting the internal parts of different appliances. They can be found in test and measuring equipment, automated termination equipment, robotics, and pick and place equipment.

Molex connector Ribbon Cable

Molex cables have proved to be effective in different applications. Owing to this, you need to ensure you go for one that perfectly suits your project requirements. Going for a custom Molex flat cable is also a good option. At Eco Cables, we have what it takes to customize your Molex flat ribbon cable to support OEM designs and requirements.

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