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Multi-conductor Cable Assemblies

Multi-conductor cables are electrical cables that consist of multiple numbers of conductors with insulation sheaths placed in a single cable.

These types of cables are used in communication systems, data transmission systems, audio systems, and high voltage power transmission.

Multi-core cable has reliable and high-performance data transmission and power transmission

  • Appliance
  • Automotive
  • Insulation displacement
  • Water-resistant
  • Multi-conductor cable assembly
  • 40-200 amps
  • Heavy Duty & Rugged
  • sed in communication systems, data transmission systems, audio systems, and high voltage power transmission.

Understanding of Multi-conductor Cable Assemblies

Cables play a vital role in different applications that simplify connections within various appliances and projects. However, for this to be possible, you have to ensure you go for the right cable that meets your project’s needs in the best way possible.

To have an easy time choosing the right multi-conductor cable assembly, it’s important to understand what a multi-conductor cable assembly is.

What is a multi-conductor cable assembly?

A Multi-conductor wire refers to a cable that features more than just a single conductor. A single conductor product is known as a wire lead or wire. However, when there is more than one wire, the product will be referred to as a multi-conductor cable or cable. Multi-conductor cable assemblies also go by the name multi-core.

Multi-conductor cable assemblies

These cables can feature more than two conductors going up to 100 or even more conductors depending on the need at hand. The wires can either be twisted within pairs, squads or triads or concentrically spread throughout the wire harness. The production of a multi-core assembly highly depends on the desired electrical performance, voltage, temperature, and environmental aspects.

Multi-conductor cable assemblies can use different shielding types, including foiled shields, spiral shields, or braid shields. The kind of shield to be applied also varies depending on the functionality and the application of the cable.

What is the application of multi-conductor cable assemblies? 

Multi-conductor cables are widely applied in different industries and different appliances. They have been widely applied in industrial applications, aerospace applications, and military applications, among other fields. They also serve an important purpose when it comes to the transmissions of reliable power and voltage and signal and data transmissions.

multi-conductor cable assembly

What are the multi-conductor jacket and insulation materials?

At ECOCABLES, we take pride in producing multi-conductor cable assemblies made using different insulation materials and jackets that have been carefully chosen to ensure the end product is nothing but exceptional. Each material used must undergo proper inspection and must comply with all the needed standards as outlined by wire harness governing rules.

multi-conductor cable assemblies

What are the advantages of multi-conductor cable assemblies?

Multi-conductor wire offers a myriad of advantages to any application. To start with, these cables have what it takes to withstand different applications within different environs. They also ensure a reliable and continuous power supply to different appliances.

Customized multi-conductor cable assemblies can also take your project’s application need to the next level by easily meeting the project’s needs, which ensures a reliable connection throughout the project.

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