Custom Overmolded Cable Assemblies

Cable overmolding helps protect the interior parts of the cable, enhance safety qualities and assist the assemblies in sustaining even the worst environments.

  • Enhancing the resilience of the wires
  • Offers resistance to scratch
  • Tamper-proofs the cable assembly by providing a cover to the components underneath the cover
  • Enhancing your cable assemblies’ general quality and aesthetics, thus eliminating the need for costly cover shells.
  • Providing a water-resistant cover making the cable IP certified
  • Minimizing user errors
  • Increasing the pulling capability
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Advanced Overmolded Cable Assemblies Factory

         Molded cable assemblies being the next big thing, have replaced the old hard cables. They have become a perfect addition to custom design projects by increasing assembly safety standards and assuring maximum safety to your assemblies even in rugged environments.

         ECOCALES is one of the leading molded cable manufacturers, our custom molded cables are no longer the old hard cables that existed in the past decades. They have evolved to become more efficient with our advanced technology. We can provide targeted solutions according to your preferences with our professional knowledge, to help you choose the best one.

         At the same time, ECOCABLES can help customers know when it is best to use cable overmolding. Cable overmolding mainly includes nested molding and injection molding.

M8 Cable Assembly

M8 cable assemblies are available in 2 pin, 3 pin, 4 pin, 5 pin, 6 pin, 8 pin positions

M12 Cable Assembly

M12 cable assemblies are available in 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8,12 and 17 positions and Y connectors

Power Cord Assembly

Power cord assembly is the electrical hardware primarily used to transmit AC and DC electricity.

M23 Cable Assembly

M23 cable assembly is a cable with an M23 connector.

DC cable

DC cable refers to electrical cables that help connect DC devices.

m5 cable

M5 cable assembly is a cable with an M5 connector.

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Ecoacbles as your Overmolded Cable Assembly Supplier

We can produce different types of molded cable assemblies, standard overmolded cables and custom overmolded cables.

At ECOCABLES, we believe in quality. Nevertheless, some situations can lead to marks or blemishes on the final product during production. However, through patience in design and tactical approaches, we have managed to minimize such imperfections significantly.

Overmolded Cable Assemblies
Overmolded Cable Assemblies

Advantages of Overmolded Cable Assemblies

Cable overmolding is a procedure commonly used in safeguarding the assembly. It helps by making sure the assembly can endure the harsh conditions mother Earth has to offer. This has seen molded cable assemblies become the new talk due to the resilience and intensity they offer a cabling assembly.

And it’s important that you consider their advantages in your business. Well, please contact us to learn more about overmolded cable assemblies!


Overmolded Cable Assembly Factory

What is overmolding?

Overmolding is a process that involves both molding and injection of two or even more components molded together to form a distinct unit. For the process to be effective there has to be a rigid material overlaid with different overmold constituents or TPU through an insert or multiple short molding approaches. This process is mostly applied in the production of plastic cables featuring rubber handles.

Overmolded Cable

What are custom molded cables?

Custom molded cable assemblies on the same refer to full assembles combining two components, the wire, and adapter, to form a unit. To achieve this, the cable assemblies are put inside the mold. This is followed by heating the pliable material and placing it into a mold cavity. After the resin cools and hardens, it takes the shape of the mold.

Overmolded Cable Assemblies

What are the different types of cable assemblies?

Custom cables assemblies do exist in different varieties. This includes standardized molded cables and custom overmolded cables for complex environs. Standardized custom molded cables are manufactured specifically to meet the application of molded cable assemblies. They primarily exist as medical cables and USB cables. They also fall under the category of lowly priced molded cable assemblies.

overmolded cable assembly

As for custom molded cables, you must have a reasonable budget. They are the new and trending molded cables designed to offer more efficiency. They can withstand harsh weather conditions, making them perfect for industries susceptible to harsh environs.

Why use custom overmolded cable assemblies?

The merits of overmolded cable assemblies narrow down to two significant aspects. This includes increased longevity and dependability. Cable overmolding helps protect the interior parts of the cable, enhance safety qualities and assist the assemblies in sustaining even the worst environments.

overmolded cable assembly

What are the misconceptions associated with custom molded cable assemblies?

There is more that goes to creating molded cable assemblies than what many people think. However, the availability of many suppliers all claiming to be the best has led to the development of different myths circulating the internet concerning the costs, parameters, and benefits of these cables.

Today we set things clear with the four most talked about custom molded cables myths and help you make an informative decision from now on.

1. Overmolding cables are too costly

Well, the truth is that the initial cost of cable overmolding is higher than that of an outdated cable assembly. Nevertheless, price shouldn’t be a measure of this product’s worth. These cables not only boost improved flexibility on the cable but also eliminate the possibility of human errors.

Dependent on the material used, custom molded cables also resist different factors that easily affect other outdated cable assemblies. Therefore as much as you might spend more in the manufacture of an overmolded cable assembly, you will spend less on the cables maintenance and replacement.

Molex Micro-Fit Overmolded Cable Assemblies

2. Overmolded cable assemblies necessitate a higher minimum order Quantity

Most manufacturers will impose an MOQ on low orders. This is because the workload expected in low-volume orders is higher than what they are worth due to change-over procedures.

By changeover, we mean the process manufacturers undertake while setting up production lines for the manufacture of cable overmolding products. This consists of machines, changing employees, setting machines, and many more. This process takes time and can be a bit expensive.

To balance the changeover, manufacturers will allocate the expense across the customer’s paid unit per price. Therefore when there is a high unit volume, then the cost becomes friendly and vice versa.

However, at ECOCABLES, we have planned our workstations keeping in mind products that depend on the same machine sequences. This makes it easier to convert, equating to less changeover cost and the need for MOQ.

3. Overmolded cables are not categorized as a high-priority product decision

The mechanical features and strengths of custom molded cable assemblies determine the efficiency and safety of your products. In addition, the chance of acquiring the necessary certifications, including CE Marking and UL Certification, highly relies on how best your electrical mechanism performs during the examination. Irrespective of the existence of proto-types, customizing overmolded cables that meet the specific features of your projects will take time.

This is why we still insist on the need of securing a production deal as earlier as possible and dedicating full proper attention to custom overmolded wire harness assemblies. Planning early enough, therefore, aids in minimizing production errors which can end up being expensive.

Overmolded Cable Assembly

These custom molded cables are no longer the old hard cables that existed in the past decades. They have evolved to become more efficient by offering advanced functionalities in different industries and fields. This evolution has also made it possible to get customized cables according to your preference by adding logos. With this, it’s important that you consider them a priority in your business.

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