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PCB Cable Assembly

Many people tend to ignore the importance of a PCB wire harness in any electrical appliance, by considering it as the last option during production.

However, PCB cable assembly has the ability to easily reduce on increase the efficiency of the device by determining the device compatibility. The PCB wire harness conductor will determine the effectiveness of the device in relation to current flow.

  • Suitable for 12awg to 32awg
  • Cross / replacement connector is available
  • Suitable for PCB
  • The prototype is available, lead time: 1-3 days
  • Product Name: XH2.5-1*3P double-end terminal cable

  • Connector Specifications: XH2.5-1*3P Color: White

  • Wire: UL2464#22 Wire length: 1600mm can be customized

  • Function: Resistant to bending and swaying

  • Main components: UL4478 ultra soft multi-core wire, UL20276 high-flexible shielding wire

  • All materials comply with UL, ROHS, REACH+NP

Selecting the Right PCB Cable Assembly Components

PCB cable assembly plays a vital role in the overall performance of an electrical appliance. However, for the PCB wire harness to offer optimal performance, the approaches as far as the arrangement and cabling type are concerned must be outlined.

The PCB cable assembly components chosen will determine how effective the assembly will be during its application.

The Circuits 

Every cable must have a network of conductors or wires for better performance. The conductors are the basic channels of the electrical flow, meaning they have a significant impact on the performance of the PCB wire harness. A complete circuit needs to have a conductive material, strand, and plates.

PCB cable assembly

Most of the time, copper is always the conductive material choice because it’s not only affordable but also best with different coatings. For better current termination and corrosion limitation, copper is always the better option.

Copper is highly subjected to corrosion a reason why it has to be coated together with other materials. The coating helps in eliminating the copper’s corrosion effect, thus increasing its durability.

Dependent on the PCB cable assembly, you can either settle for multiple or single strands. These strands help by providing a flexible PCB cable assembly.

The PCB Cable Assembly Insulation

After choosing the right conductor, the next step is to determine how you will insulate the conductor. Here, two main materials can be used for better insulation. This includes thermoplastic and thermoset materials. The choice depends highly on the kind of conductors during PCB wiring harness production.

PCB cable assembly

For better insulation selection, also keep in mind the following aspects:

  • Voltage level
  • Moisture and chemical exposure
  • External environment nature
  • The operating temperatures
  • The right insulation protects the PCB cable assembly underlying layer from the above conditions.
The Right Shielding 

Since the PCB will be subjected to different electromagnetic environs, you need to choose a material that has the ability to protect the assembly’s conductor. This helps by eliminating any chance of dips from happening during the application.

The outer Jacket or Sheath 

The jacket works by protecting the PCB cable inner components. It, therefore, has to be tough, chemical resistant, and fire-resistant, among others. Depending on the application, it’s also wise to go for a jacket that has the ability to conduct electricity to some extent. This can either be a PVC, Elastomer, or fluorocarbon sheathing.

PCB cable assembly


The Connectors 

Connectors always have a vital role in any PCB cable assembly system. They determine the compatibility of the entire system while affecting the performance depending on the signal and speed being used.

Welded connectors are always the right option due to their high-speed capability. However, crimp connectors can still work the magic.

PCB cable assembly

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