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PCIe Power Cable

PCIe power cables are significant in supplying graphic cards with power. However, you need to understand not all expansion cards, e.g., video capture cards, network adapters, sound cards, etc., need PCI-E cables since they receive enough power to operate.

Therefore, expansion cards comprise devices that require additional power from the PSU thus use of PCIe cables becomes paramount. For more information, contact us today, and we will help you.

  • Suitable for 16awg to 32awg
  • Cross / replacement connector is available
  • Sample available
  • The prototype is available, lead time: 1-3 days

Connectors A- 8 Pin male. Connector B – 2x 8-pin (6+2pin) male. PCIe ribbon cable Genuine new copper cores, no recycled materials 8 pin male end to connect to the power connector of the power supply and two 8 pin(6+2) male ends to plug into the video graphics card;

An Outline of PCIe Power Cable

PCIe cables transmit electric power to graphic cards plus other larger expansion cards. You only need to connect your PCIe power cable to the PCIe expansion card to supply it with power. The cable ensures the graphic cards and other larger components receive power according to their requirements.

Below, we will dive into more descriptions of PCIe cables.

Types of PCIe Power Cables

There are several PCIe power cables come. For you to distinguish one cable from others, you have to know their PIN configuration and ability to carry power. Every PCI-E cable is uniquely designed for its specific application. Below, we have a variety of the PCI-E cables you will likely encounter.

  • 6-Pin power cable– The cable delivers a power capacity of up to 75 Watts. It’s among the smallest types of PCIe power cable.

6-Pin PCI-e power cable

  • 8-Pin power cable– This type of PCIe power cable has the ability to carry the power of up to 150Watts. Wondering why 8-pin can deliver double the power capacity of 6-pin? This happens since not all pins deliver power. Some have other roles like sensing, grounding, etc.

8-Pin PCI-e power cable

  • 12-pin cables– A 12-pin cable is the latest type of PCIe power cable developed for RTX 3000 series graphic cards. This cable can supply a power capacity ranging between 500 to 600 Watts. They are rare but available in extremely high-end systems.
  • 6+2 pin cable– The cable is nothing different from an 8-pin cable. However, it’s designed to carry and deliver a slightly lower or higher amount of power. The determining factor is the requirements of the graphic card connector.
  • PCIe pigtail cable– This is a PCIe cable connected with pigtail connectors. One end is joined to a power supply unit, but the other is split into two connectors.


PCIe Power Cable Harness

PCIe cable is comprised of various wires connected to connectors at every end of the cable. Their wires must be bound together into a single harness to protect them. Cable harnesses are significant in easing the process of installation and replacing a cable. You don’t have to struggle connecting one wire at a time.

PCIe Power Cables

The common PCIe power cable harness is;

  • EMI shielded cable harness- This type of harness involves an EMI shielding tape that is wire mesh knitted circular strip resembling a gauze tube.
  • Ribbon harness- It’s a multi-conductor cable harness where individually insulated wires are combined to form a single ribbon cable.

PCIe power cable harness keeps the cables and wires innately connected and organized. Also, protects them from grinding against each other.

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