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PicoBlade Cable Assembly

PicoBlade cable assembly is s a cable using Molex PicoBlade connector. Send us your project requirement!

PicoBlade cable comes at right-angles and vertical connections in options of wire-to-wire and wire-to-board connections with 2 to 15 circuit placements and customized cable length varieties.

PicoBlade cable assembly is a single row system explicitly designed for higher density harness utilization.

  • 1.25mm pitch
  • Cross / replacement connector is available
  • PicoBlade cable assembly with customized length
  • Full certification including UL, CE, and more
  • Product Name: PicoBlade cable assembly
  • Cable: UL2464 26awg
  • Cable Material: pure copper
  • Jacket Material: PVC, black
  • Connector 1: Molex 51021-800 / 500798000 8pins
  • Connector 2: Molex 6471 (22-01-2085) / 4809-C (08-50-0031)
Why choose PicoBlade cable assembly?

Every customer wants something that can guarantee reliability and a longer lifespan as far as connectors are concerned. With the traditional connectors, you will be exposing your project to vibrations and shock, leading to dislodge of terminals and signal intrusion. However, with the new advanced PicoBlade cable assembly, this doesn’t have to be the case.

With this in mind, let’s learn more about PicoBlade cable connectors and why they should be your number one connector choice.

PicoBlade cable assembly

What is a PicoBlade cable assembly?

PicoBlade cable assembly is a single row system explicitly designed for higher density harness utilization. Its customization features two alternatives: wire to wire and wire to board options. This connector’s receptacle usually provides a friction lock and smaller pitch, thus taking up less PCB space. This, on the other hand, reduces the possibility of accidents arising owing to mishandling or vibrations.

PicoBlade cable assembly

Being a Molex connector, PicoBlade connectors also meet the recommended RoHS requirements. They have a more comprehensive range of applications ranging from industrial to commercial vehicle applications, not forgetting medical applications.

What are the unique features of PicoBlade cable assembly?

Featuring a 1.25 pitch, Molex PicoBlade cable provides a reliable connection in both of its available options. Its four header option also makes it possible for the connector to be flexible, compact, and versatile enough to satisfy the application needs of different products. This ranges from healthcare applications to vehicle systems.

With a double-point connection plan, Molex PicoBlade cable will efficiently deliver safe electrical links even under low-voltages, higher-vibrations, and low-current environments.

What are the benefits of PicoBlade connectors?

The essential benefit of PicoBlade cable assembly is that it can deliver the best reliability through meeting several applications. However, it also offers other benefits, including:

  • Guaranteeing reliable electrical connections even under harsh conditions.
  • Allowing higher-volume placements through industry standards pick-up nozzles.
  • Offering room for design flexibility.
  • Saves space.

PicoBlade cable assembly

With an increasingly growing need for PicoBlade connectors in industrial, consumer, and healthcare fields, it’s high time you make use of these connectors in your application and get to enjoy the benefits associated with such connectors.

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