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Power Cord Assembly

Power cord assemblies have a unique role in electrical equipment. These assemblies are the electrical hardware primarily used to transmit AC and DC electricity.

It’s therefore essential to ensure you choose one that best meets the needs of your electrical application. You can also go for customized power cord assemblies for better outcomes.

  • Power cord assemblies with various plugs
  • Meets IP67/IP68 waterproof requirements
  • LOW MOQ 50pcs accepted
  • The prototype is available, lead time: 1-3 days
  • Sample available
  • Product name: AC power cord assembly 
  • Type: 3-slot, 18 AWG x 3C, black
  • Safety: IEC-60320 (IEC320) C13 to NEMA 5-15P, UL listed
  • Rated output current: 10 A AMP
  • Input voltage (AC) 125 V-AC
Why are power cord assemblies?

The current need for electrical equipment has necessitated the need for global exports of power cord assemblies. Most electrical companies are striving to develop devices that are adaptable to the specific needs of consumers without the need for reconfiguring some parts. A significant factor for consideration is ensuring that users have the perfect means of connecting their devices to the main supply.

power cords

While many names can be used to refer to Power cord assemblies like an appliance cord, assembling extension cord, a cable assembly, or interconnection, among others. It’s vital to ensure you choose one that best suits your application. Therefore, this piece will take you through the necessary tips for selecting a power cord cable assembly.

How to get understand the various types of power cord assemblies?

First, you have to identify the plug patterns of different countries. There are lots of varying plug patterns being used globally. Determining one that matches your specific needs, therefore, becomes essential. While power cord assemblies might seem similar, it doesn’t mean it’s the right power cord for your equipment.

extension cord assembly

A good example is the Japanese and North American Class 1 Plug. Don’t let the resemblance that exists between the power cord assemblies confuse you; you’ll be surprised to find out that a county’s power cord is not accepted in another country. A simple example is the North American extension cord assembly, which cannot be used in Japanese due to approval regulations. The Chinese and Australian power plugs also look similar but also feature different similarities.

How to get understand the rating of the power cord assembly?

Choosing the right extension cord assembly involves having better knowledge regarding the voltage and amperage rating of the assembly. The device amperage rating determines the plug patterns within different countries. The amperage and voltage rating also affects the size of the cable. Keep in mind that other countries have different frequencies, amperage, and voltage. Therefore, you need to have better knowledge of the world’s frequency and voltage requirements.

power cord assembly

How to choose the appropriate connector for proper extension cord assembly?

Power cord assembly connectors exist in a wider variety. However, you have to make sure you choose one that will improve the efficiency of the assembly. The best thing about an IEX 60320 connector is that it can make the product globally accessible.

power cord assembly

The rating process of a power cord assembly normally applies the principle of the weakest like. A plug, connector, and cable are considered separate components of the assembly. Therefore, a component having the lowest rating determines the overall rating of the power cord assembly. Let’s take this example, a power code has a plug that comes with a 15A, a cable having a 13A, and a connector with a 10A, generally the assembly will have a 10A rating.

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