Quick Battery Disconnect Terminal

To disconnect your car battery, you’ll need a quick battery disconnect terminal. The best thing about this battery terminal is that it’s easy to install and comes with a removable knob which allows for simple battery disconnection while preventing power drain. The best thing is that this quick release battery terminal can also act as a theft deterrent, especially for project and service vehicles.

Quick Battery Disconnect Terminal

What are the Unique Features of a Quick Battery Disconnect Terminal?

The terminal’s Tie Bolt and set screw connector make it possible for easy cable connection to the side or stud terminal battery.

The Add-on connector features an extended bolt for the creation of auxiliary connections. The quick add-on connector also complies with the recommended military specifications.

These features are open to change with customized options, especially for heavy duty battery terminals.

Quick Battery Disconnect Terminal

What are the Advantages of Quick Battery Disconnect Terminal?

Quick battery disconnect terminal feature many advantages. To start with, it’s effortless to install to your battery post. All you need is just a few tools, and you are good to go.

The terminal’s knob also simplifies the power disconnection process. All you need to do is simply remove the knob, and the power will be disconnected and reconnected when the knob is placed back on.

The quick disconnect battery terminal comes in a compact size which makes it possible for the terminal to accommodate any size of a battery compartment.

The terminal can be applied to a stored vehicle for a long time. This includes boats RVs and even project cars.


The quick release battery terminal works with different battery cable gauges and exists as a brass battery terminal, lead battery terminal, and copper battery terminal. The lead version is color-coded for better polarity. The OEM replacement terminal connector is also polarity specific and can work with different cable sizes while maintaining the perfect fit on a battery post.

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