rainbow rbbon cable

Rainbow Ribbon Cable

Rainbow Ribbon Cable

Rainbow Ribbon Cable Description

The ribbon cable is made of 28 AWG (7/36) tinned copper. Each conductor is first extruded with SR-PVC, then all wires are pulled out in parallel and extruded with transparent PVC. No lamination tapes that can impede IDC termination are used.

The color codes for this cable are brown, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, gray, white, black, and repeat.

Rainbow Ribbon Cable Features

  • Individually color-coded conductors for easy identification
  • Complete extruded construction
  • No lamination tapes to prevent termination
  • Zip construction
  • Symmetrically round conductors improve IDC termination
  • Meet all the requirements of high-temperature applications
  • Environmentally friendly wire
  • Various types of connectors like IDC connector, D-SUB header, etc.



Flat Rainbow Ribbon Cable
Raspberry Pi Ribbon Cable

The cable is usually used to connect the P1 socket of the Raspberry Pi electrically to a breadboard.

UL2468 Flat Ribbon Cable

UL2468 flat ribbon cable is a ribbon cable with UL2468 cable, and have various applications in different devices we use.

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    Raspberry Pi ribbon cable is usually used to connect the P1 socket of the Raspberry Pi electrically to a breadboard.

Rainbow Ribbon Cable Assembly Guide

Rainbow ribbon cable assemblies have an important role in application. The rainbow term arises due to the assembly’s color-coding, which utilizes different colors. This assembly is made up of multiple wires with an IDC connector termination. The cable’s flexible and fat nature can easily be routed even in confined spaces, making them a better choice, especially where space is limited.

What are the specifications of a rainbow ribbon wire?

Rainbow flat ribbon cables are normally specified through two values. This includes the conductor’s number and spacing within an assembly. The pitch or spacing exists at various distances, including the 0.156, 0.100, 0.050, and 1mm pitch. You can also get customized spacing when need be.

The conductor’s number within the flat rainbow ribbon cable assembly needs to match with the position number that the connector accommodates for better efficiency and to meet the set standards. However, due to the standardized nature of the connector’s way, the assembly is therefore restricted to certain positions, including 4,6,8,10,14, and so on.

rainbow flat ribbon cable

For better insulation, the assembly is made up of PVC. However, you can also choose to work with Olefin and Teflon materials depending on your application.

rainbow flat ribbon cable

The multicolor ribbon cable is normally color-coded using different colors for better and easy termination. The color marking makes it possible to better align different pins within the connector. It also reduces reversed connection risks. Generally, rainbow ribbon cable assemblies will feature a contrasting color on one edge, acting as the remainder of the assembly. The color of this edge mark, in some cases, might correspond with the cable’s pitch. A 0.050 mm pitch will use a red edge mark that signifies the conductor being terminated.

Multicolor flat rainbow cables are normally coded using colors. Each conductor within the assembly is given a specific color. However, the pattern has to follow the recommended and standardized resistor color code.

What are the advantages of flat rainbow ribbon cables?

The main advantage that comes with this rainbow flat ribbon cable is the ease of termination. The assembly’s controlled, and fixed pitch makes it easy for mass termination by using an IDC connector.

multicolor flat ribboncable

What are the applications of rainbow color ribbon cables?

Rainbow ribbon cable assemblies have become the new norm in almost every electrical application. This is due to the fact that they can be easily used even in areas where space is limited. Additionally, the materials used in a rainbow ribbon assembly have met all the requirements of high-temperature applications being used in hostile environs. This assembly is also a cost-effective option for your application compared with other assemblies – A reason why rainbow cable assemblies should be your first choice.

rainbow ribbon cable

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