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RCA Cable Assembly

RCA cable assembly involves combining RCA cables. The cables come in three main colors, red, white, and yellow. The cables carry video data to develop a composite video.

The cable has been in use with analog video. It has three separate signals that are normally squeezed to have a single signal. This helps to reduce the signal quality for display on any output device.

These cables must be present to ensure the right projection of signals on a T.V. or projector. Therefore, with RCA cable assembly, these cables are assembled to have a single cable assembly.

  • LOW MOQ 50pcs accepted
  • The prototype is available, lead time: 1-3 days
  • Get composite RCA video and audio connectors all in one cable.
  • Brand new high quality cable. Length: 3 Feet. Connectors: 3 RCA Male to 3 RCA Male.
  • Composite Audio Video Cable is a professional 3 RCA to 3 RCA cable. Compatible with all devices of 3 RCA ports.
  • RCA cord (connect to video and audio L or R input) 3-Male to 3-Male RCA Flexible high-quality PVC material, Oil-resistant, Wear-resistant, Acid-resistant and alkali-resistant, prolongs its service life. Fully molded color-coded connectors (Yellow-video, White – Left Audio, Red – Right Audio)
  • This Composite Audio Video Cord is ideal for Home-Entertainment systems such as DVD Player, TV, Camcorder, Set-Top-Box, VCR, and other 3RCA-enabled devices.

An Overview of RCA Cable Assembly

Ever connected to a DVD or CD player? If yes, then you must have used an RCA cable. An RCA cable has plugs that have different colors and extends from each end. You connect them onto a T.V, or projector. The purpose of this cable is to carry video and audio signals to an output device like a speaker or T.V.

To have these cables together calls for an RCA cable assembly. The process helps to organize the cables for easier use. You don’t have to deal with one cable at a time, and it prevents situations of cable misplacement.

Characteristics of RCA Assembly

RCA cable assemblies comprise several components. Some of the things you are to identify with any RCA cable assembly include;

RCA cable assembly

  • This cable assembly involves cables with copper conductors covered with insulation.
  • Each cable in the assembly has a different color depending on the signal it transmits.
  • The manufacture of these RCA cable assemblies requires to meet safety standards. These standards include industry-specified regulations.
  • The assembly arranges the cables in a particular order similar to the slots on the devices for easy installation.
Benefits of RCA Assembly

RCA cable assembly is a design meant to benefit the end-user. There are several benefits of RCA assemblies, but let’s mention a few;

3 RCA Cable Audio Video Composite Cable

  • Saves installation time- RCA cable assembly helps to ease the process of cable installation. It doesn’t require an expert since you can install the cable onto your T.V. within the shortest time possible.
  • RCA cable assembly offers protection to the cables- Assembling the cables into a single cable assembly guarantees their durability. This reduces the risk of mishandling or misplacing any of them. Therefore, you can use it for quite a long period.
  • The cable assembly ensures the conductors are safe- The insulation helps to reduce the signal interference. This helps to maintain the quality of signals the cables transmit.
Applications for RCA Assembly

RCA cable assemblies help to enhance quality signal transmission. The assemblies have been playing a significant role in carrying data from a source to output devices.

RCA cable assembly

They are commonly used in

  • V.s
  • Projectors
  • Sound systems like speakers.

However, it’s necessary to identify the best types of RCA assemblies by confirming whether the assembly meets the expected specifications.

RCA cables have been in use ever since with T.V.s. We have interacted with the cables, and most of us have replaced some cables. RCA cable assemblies have allowed the cables to remain bound together. This is meant to protect the cables and boost their efficient performance. For more details on RCA cable assemblies, contact us.

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