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RGB Extension Cable

RGB light cable assembly trend that involves putting the lighting on almost every element has become successful nowadays to the extent that RGB LED wiring harness is being implemented on every little component. This includes CPU coolers, fans, motherboards, power supplies, and graphic cards.

Not only will the RDG extension cable make it possible for the user to select different colors and effects that seem perfect, but it also elevates and changes the aesthetic of your PC.

  • Quality safety performance
  • Strict adherence to OEMs requirements
  • LOW MOQ 50pcs accepted
  • The prototype is available, lead time: 1-3 days

The extension cable is the perfect accessory for RGB 5050/3528/2835 LED strip light/strip for -5050/3528 RGB LED strip light, RGB LED extension cable is designed for a 10mm wide LED strip.  To extend the length between the LED bar and the controller or to extend the length between the LED bars, you can install the LED bar in your preferred location.  

  • The insulation plastic of this cable adopts high quality PVC, anticorrosive.
  • This extension cable contains 4 strands of pure copper wires inside, which ensures perfect electric conductivity.
  • The cable is durable and the connectors fit snugly.

RGB Extension Cable Summary

Technological advancement has made things more accessible by introducing new and effective cable assemblies. One of these advancements is the production of RGB extension cables. These cables have made it possible for different applications, including the customization of PC through RGB extension cable assembly for lighting.

The RGB Cable 12V Standard 

For devices like fans and LED strips, the 12V RGB extension standard helps in controlling the lighting and also the effects of a 4 pin RGB LED extension cable. However, it has a few limitations on its capabilities when compared to the modern standard.

4 pin RGB LED extension cable

RGB Extension Cable Pin-out

The RGB light extension cable header design is simple. The header’s unique feature is the 4 pins that come with a 12V header. The header also features 3 colors that correspond with the pins. All these features help in simplifying the RGB 4 pin extension cable configuration for better lighting effects.

Micro Connectors F04-RGB01-30 30cm RGB Extension Cable

The color receives different quantities of power which helps in illuminating each pin. The stronger the power, the more the illuminated matching color will be. Important to note is that mix matching numerous illumination power combinations will help strengthens the produced colors to form a single color.

RGB Extension Cable Compatibility

The RGB light extension cable is compatible with a 12V header that features a 4-pin connector. Many motherboards feature a 4-pin 12V connector due to their affordable nature.

RGB light Cable assembly

The RGB extension cable has the ability to provide lots of lighting applications. You can use the cable to customize your PC into colors that best suit you and your moods. The cable also plays an important role in the photography and lighting field. This is due to the fact that RGB lighting can provide millions of colors during application.

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