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RJ45 Cable Assembly

RJ45 cable assembly is a cable using an RJ45 connector. Send us your project requirement, we will give you a fast RJ45 cable assembly solution.

RJ45 connector assembly refers to a standardized interface that connects computers to other local networks. It was initially designed for telephone communication, but currently, it has a wide range of applications. The RJ45 abbreviation simply stands for Registered Jack-45.

  • Be designed with 8 pins and comes with a spacing of 1mm
  • Superb shielding performance
  • Strict adherence to OEMs requirements
  • LOW MOQ 50pcs accepted
  • Product Name: RJ45 extension cable
  • Cable: Cat5e, Cat6e
  • Conductor: Copper/customized
  • Type: Data cable
  • Material: PVC/TPE/customized
  • Plated: Nickel-plated/gold plated
What is RJ45 cable assembly?

Ethernet cables feature the RJ45 connector on each end. Owing to this, Ethernet wire assemblies are mostly referred to as RJ45 cable assembly and their application include connecting computers to networks. RJ45 connector looks like a six-pin RJ11 connector. However, the 45 is a bit wider.

rj45 connector assembly

Since every connector features an eight-pin, the RJ45 Ethernet cable will also feature an eight-wire system with different colors. The RJ45 cable can therefore be wired using two different schemes. The T-568 A or depending on the devices connected with a network.

What is the features of an RJ45 cable?

The RJ45 connector assembly is designed with 8 pins and comes with a spacing of 1mm. The connector’s wires are crimped and inserted for reliable connections.

rj45 cable

The RJ45 internet cable is universally used as a typical connector within Ethernet cables and other networking cables. The RJ45 network cable used in Ethernet cables is generally a small plastic plug that features a retaining catch released when removing the cable. The plugs are the male ends of the connection within the network cable.

What is the application of the RJ45 cable connector? 

The RJ45 assembly is ideal for any application, including better signals transfers within a system. However, it’s not that robust, making it suitable for data center, office, and home connections. In such areas, robustness is never an issue. However, where there is a need for a more robust application such as audiovisual, lighting, and stage audio, the cable has to feature a stronger connection.

rj45 internet cable

To counter such a problem then, the Ethercon connector is applied. The Ethercon connector is liked with the combination of RJ45 with XLR Connectors. The connection provides excellent connectivity with the suitable robustness needed in different audiovisual applications.

Do RJ45 connectors support a professional PC network?

Well, high-speed modems and different network applications are easily supported by the RJ45 connector. The connector patched lead features a registered jack assembly. Therefore both the unbooted and booted RJ45 extension cable patch leads are proper connectors within different business communication systems.

RJ45 Cable Assembly

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