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Sewing Machine Wire Harness

ECOCABLES produce a variety of sewing machine cable and harness assemblies for a wide range of applications, including computerized sewing machines, Mechanical sewing machines, industrial sewing machines, sewing machinery, embroidery machine, serger machine, Mini Electric sewing machine, etc.

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  • UL / VDE cable
  • Custom length
  • Cross / replacement connector is available
  • LOW MOQ 50pcs accepted
  • The prototype is available, lead time: 1-3 days
  • Wire: 18awg (red, yellow, blue, black)
  • Male crimp housing: 1×4, pitch: 5.08mm (disk drive conn.) TE #1 -480426-0 / Adamtech #DDH-04
  • Male crimp contact: 14-20awg TE #60620-1 / Adamtech #DMC-01-R
  • Housing: 10 circ., double row, pitch: 4.2mm MOLEX 0039012105 / TYU TY4281 HNO-2×05
  • Crimp terminal: 18-22awg MOLEX 0039000213 / TYU TY4281TPH-A
  • Housing: 3 circ. pitch: 3mm, micro-fit MOLEX 0436450300; TYU TY3085HNO-1×03
  • Housing: 4 circ. pitch: 3.0mm MOLEX 0436450400; TYU TY3085HNO- 1×04
  • Crimp terminal: 22 AWG MOLEX 0430300007; TYU TY3085TPH-A

Sewing Machine Wire Harness Summary

Sewing machine manufacturing is complex; therefore, installing the wire harness is challenging. Wire harness in a sewing machine is done efficiently to ensure that each compartment is well harnessed with the right cables.

The sewing machine wire harness is designed to meet the operational needs of the sewing machine system. The sewing machine cable assembly comprises different connectors and conductors that allow electric flow during operations. Due to the constant vibrations during sewing, the sewing machine wiring harness is perfectly designed to offer resistance against abrasion.

Properties of Sewing Machine Wire Harness

The sewing machine cable assembly is heavily insulated with PVC material to protect the cables against corrosion, water, and fluids and reduce the friction and shock produced when the machine is operational. The button foot controllers in the sewing machine consist of multiple integrated combinations of cable wires.

Sewing Machine Cable Assembly

The cable wires have a high flexibility and soldering abilities that allow them to be installed and fixed in multiple installations. They are short wires encircled with tapes and are bundled together layer upon layer for smooth and easy installation. Also, the cables are connected to connectors at the end, providing easy electric flow.

Sewing Machine Wire Harness

Additionally, this flexibility in the sewing machine wiring harness allows space optimization as the cable wires can be easily folded, reducing the risks of short circuits and the occurrence of electrical fires. Also, it reduces installation time and results in a standardized process.

The wiring harness connectors in the sewing machine are designed to fit perfectly in the machine ports and can easily be connected and disconnected during maintenance. They contain pins, connectors, and wiring hooks with an optimum diameter spacing unit that allows penetration of threads and strings used during sewing.

Sewing Machine Wire Harness

Moreover, the spacing allows the installation of needle pin connectors and rotation pins that are essential for the sewing machine. Sewing machine cable assembly can use the UL AWG wires and contains full ground loops for buttons and micro switches on the control panel, allowing easy performance.

Benefits of the Sewing Machine Wire Harness
  1. Reduces cluttering

Sewing machine wire harness reduces wires’ cluttering, providing space for organization and storage. It allows neatness and cleanliness around the working area.

  1. Add simplicity to the usage.

A single wire unit is easier to handle than many individual wires; thus, sewing machine cable assembly allows for bundled wires for a particular connection, reducing the installation of multiple connection units and the hassle of remembering the connectors for the individual wires.

Sewing Machine Wire Harness

  1. Minimizes time required for installation

Since the sewing machine wire harness consists of connectors that attach to a bundle of wires, the installation time is minimized; thus, more time is allocated for productivity.

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