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Slot Machine Wiring Harness

Slot machines comprise the modernized casino gaming machines. These machines are much better than traditional table games like craps and blackjack, which require gambling skills and knowledge.

Today, even kids can get in the game and play as it involves small bets. The slot machines are electrically powered. This means a proper wiring system is crucial.

  • Suitable for 12awg to 32awg
  • Cross / replacement connector is available
  • Suitable for slot machines
  • The prototype is available, lead time: 1-3 days

The wiring harness for a slot machines

Convoluted Tubing vs. Braided Slot Machine Wiring Harness

Slot machine wiring harness can either have convoluted tubing or braided wire harness assembly. Both are efficient but differ in some ways. Braided wire harness provided tightly bound assemblies. The cables are 100% packed against each other. This significantly reduces the movement of the wires, hence reducing the wearing and tearing of the insulation.

Slot Machine Wiring Harness

The convoluted tubing is meant to offer a maximum full load of approximately 75-85% wire. The rest is a free air space allowing movement of the wires when the slot machine vibrates during its action. It offers additional insulation onto the cables and organizes them, but during vibrant vibrations, the conductors are likely to be exposed, leading to electrical failures. However, since slot machines don’t generate much vibration, convoluted tubing can work efficiently.

Benefits of Slot Machine Wiring Harness

Slot machine wire harness solves a majority of challenges linked with the electrical system within the machine. After combining the wiring elements into a single harness, it becomes easier to connect complex systems. Other benefits of a wire harness in a slot machine are;

Slot Machine Wiring Harness

  • Provides sufficient protection to cables- This prevents unwanted flexion, and the cables are safe from harsh environmental conditions.
  • Wire harness binding electrical elements help to reduce the installation and repair fee. The installation process is simplified when the wires are in a single harness. This improves the efficiency of the wires.
  • The slot machine wire harness prevents abrasive materials from getting into contact with the wires- In case such materials enter within the cables, they are likely to damage the insulation, exposing the conductor.
  • The wire harness comprises robust materials resistant to high temperatures hence assuring longevity.

Slot machine wiring harness is allowing many machines to offer long-lasting service. The idea is to support the gaming business by having monstrous success. However, it’s necessary to consider a quality wire harness that meets the expected standards. This can guarantee better service since the machine won’t experience numerous electrical issues.

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