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ECOCABLES custom TE Tyco AMP wire harnesses according to your needs. Product quality is superior, shock and corrosion resistance.

  • A variety of TE connectors are available
  • Our wires and cables can withstand all kinds of harsh conditions
  • Advanced production and testing equipment to ensure product quality
  • RoHS2 compliance

Professional TE Connectivity Wire Harness Fabrication Factory

At ECOCABLES, we can easily customize your cable assembly using different Tyco connectors. Our experience manufacturing the best TE wire harness makes it possible for us to work on any customization while meeting your requirements and application needs.

Our wide selection of cable assemblies ranging from the high-speed wiring harness to the most complex Tyco wiring harness makes us the best option when it comes to any Tyco wiring harness customization. And if that’s not enough, our wiring Tyco cable assembly has the capability to offer a wider range of application needs as far as interconnecting components and sub-systems are concerned.

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Various AMP Tyco Wiring Harnesses

Accelerator Throttle Pedal Wiring Harness

The wire harness is used for the throttle pedal.

fiber optic optical Wire harness

The wire harness is used for the fiber optic.

Auto ECU Electrical Wire Harness
Auto ECU Tyco Wiring Harness

The wire harness is used for the automobile.

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AMP Tyco Cable Assembly Advantages

Highly Customizable
Highly Customizable

We meet client demand on designing. Working closely with our clients helps us eliminate any chance of errors in the design of the final TE wiring harness products.

Competitive Price

Our price always stands out as we understand the market better, and we always want to ensure that our customers enjoy better Tyco harness products at an affordable price.

Fast Delivery

We always ensure we have a proper time management program that eliminates any possibility of product delays. ECOCABLES can deliver the goods in 3-7 days!


Factory Sell Directly

You can enjoy direct sales from our factory. ECOCABLES loves handling everything with our clients directly to avoid any kind of miscommunication. Pls contact us today!

Tyco Wiring Harness Connector Type

ECOCABLES manufactures and designs a wider portfolio of wiring harnesses using different types of Tyco connectors. This includes:

  • Video and audio connectors
  • Tyco automotive connectors
  • TE connectivity circular connectors /TE circular connectors
  • D-shaped connectors
  • PCB connectors
  • Terminal block connectors
  • Lighting connectors
  • Power connectors
  • Terminal blocks & strips
  • … …
AMP Tyco Wiring Harnesses
Applications of Tyco Wire Harnes

Applications of Tyco Wire Harness

Our customized AMP Tyco cable assembly offers reliable solutions during application. Owing to this, the ECOCABLES Tyco wiring harness has become a favorite cable assembly when it comes to different applications, including:

  • Appliances, connected home
  • Industrial machinery
  • Automation & control
  • Personal electronics & wearable technology
  • Data centers & artificial intelligence, intelligent buildings
  • Medical & Healthcare
  • Automotive, autosport, E-mobility, truck, bus & off-road vehicles
  • Aerospace & space, oil & gas / marine
  • … …

Use Original or Equivalent TE connector

As one of the leading cable assembly manufacturers, ECOCABLES has built a strong foundation and relationship with different Tyco distributors and manufacturers. If you make wire harness orders when it comes to the original TE connectivity amp connectors, we can easily meet your needs.

At the same time, we can provide reliable advice concerning equivalent AMP Tyco connectors to you. The specifications of the Chinese equivalent TE connectivity amp connectors are the same as the original TE connectivity Deutsch connectors, and the price is much cheaper, making it favored by many of our customers.

Tyco cable assemblies

Why Choose ECOCABLES to Custom Tyco Wiring Harness

AMP Tyco cable assembly

ECOCABLES’s TE connectivity wiring harness and cable assemblies are designed to offer the perfect link to a wider variety of applications while still providing accurate yet reliable power and communication management. Whether you need a customized design or standard products, we have what it takes to meet all your cable assembly needs—even if it’s within harsh environments.

The kind of materials we use when designing and manufacturing our wire harness ensures that the final product is able to offer the best balance for the best reliability, form, and performance.

Our outstanding specialization capabilities make it possible for us to come up with a TE connectivity wire product that features the best design—while providing better and more reliable product knowledge. We also ensure we remain committed to our clients and offer dedicated solutions as always.

Creative and Innovative Experts

We have an innovative and creative team of experts that possess an outstanding perspective of issues, something that is valuable when we need to solve critical Tyco cable assembly product problems and ensure that our clients only get the best version of the product.

Washing Machine Wire Harness
TE Tyco Cable Assembly in China

With over 20 years of experience as a leading custom AMP Tyco cable assembly manufacturer.

  • “I am happy the final Tyco cable assembly product incorporates my initial design.”

  • “Always prepared to offer the right advice when needed during the entire AMP Tyco wiring harness customization process.”

  • “Such good professionals to work with, went beyond my expectation in terms of TE connectivity wire harness service delivery and communication.”

Tyco Wire Harness: The Ultimate Guide

Tyco wiring harness is the one in which Tyco connectors are embedded to complete the system.

What will impact the kind of material to choose when customizing a Tyco cable assembly?

The application environment is one of the main factors influencing the choice of material to be used when designing an AMP Tyco wiring harness. However, it’s also important to consider the specific equipment involved in the application, including its structure.

tyco wiring harness

What are the benefits of using a TE connectivity wire harness?

ECOCABLES TE Connectivity wire harness features ruggedized wire and cables,  and connectors designed to offer optimum data, signal, and power throughput while maximizing on the tolerance within a system that is often exposed to harsh environmental conditions like temperatures, voltage, moisture, and vibrations.

tyco wiring harness

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