rainbow rbbon cable
Rainbow Ribbon Cable

UL2468 Flat Ribbon Cable

UL2468 flat ribbon cable is a ribbon cable with UL2468 cable. UL2468 flat ribbon cables have various applications in different devices we use.

The colors on their insulations make it easy to identify each cable during the installation process. In case you wish to change a damaged UL 2468 flat ribbon cable on your device, consider getting a quality one (UL-certified). Also, you may consider inquiring with us for further details.

  • Various connectors
  • Rainbow wires
  • LOW MOQ 50pcs accepted
  • The prototype is available, lead time: 1-3 days
  • Suitable for automatic crimping
  • Product name: UL2468 22awg Flat Ribbon Cable with JST PH 1.27mm 2.0mm 2.54mm
  • Use: Camera, Computer, Mobile Phone, MP3 / MP4 Player, Video Game Player
  • Connector: JST MOLEX/PH/SM/XH
  • Wire material: UL2468 22awg
  • Color: blue/red/Grey/Brown
  • Flat ribbon: 8Pin/10PIn/12Pin/14Pin/16Pin
  • Material: Pure Copper/Tinned copper

An Outline of UL2468 Flat Ribbon Cable

This technological era is improving and advancing appliances. Today, most appliances have been improvised and made small for easy use and carrying. This has led to the development of better types of cables.

Flat ribbon cables are used in limited spaces, unlike other types of cables due to their flat nature. A UL 2468 flat ribbon cable is used in the household, lighting, and heating appliances. Their PVC insulation allows them to work efficiently even in high-temperature environments.

What are the features of UL 2468 flat ribbon cable?

A UL 2468 flat ribbon cable is expected to meet specific requirements. Some of the characteristics of this cable are;

UL2468 Flat Ribbon Cable

  • The cable has an insulating material- UL 2468 flat ribbon cable has a heat-resistant insulation material made from PVC.
  • UL 2468 flat ribbon cable has a temperature rated at 800C
  • The cable’s rated voltage is 300V
  • The cable must have passed a combustion test- The required combustion tests include a vertical flame test and VW-1 and FT1.
  • UL 2468 flat ribbon cable conductor has multiple strands comprising tinned copper wire strands, which are environmentally friendly.
  • The cable is alkaline, acid-resistant, mildew resistant, and moisture and oil resistant.
  • UL 2468 flat ribbon cable’s insulation is easy to peel and cut, allowing easy installation.
  • UL 2468 flat ribbon cables have insulation covers in a variety of colors.
What are the benefits of UL 2468 flat ribbon cable?

The benefits of using a UL 2468 flat ribbon cable for internal wiring applications are;

  • The cable has different colors- This makes the installation process simple as you can identify a cable and connect it within a short period.
  • A UL 2468 flat ribbon cable has a flat nature- This nature allows the cable to be used in limited spaces in different appliances.
  • Has PVC insulation- The insulation is moisture, abrasion, high temperature, and corrosion-resistant.

UL2468 Flat Ribbon Cable

What are the applications of UL 2468 flat ribbon cable?

UL 2468 flat ribbon cable is used for the internal wiring of appliances. The cable is widely used in instrumentations, household appliances, heating appliances, lighting fixtures, motor lead wires, and cables. In high-temperature wire conditions and environments, a UL 2468 flat ribbon cable can be used on dyeing tools, lamps, and electronics.

UL2468 Flat Ribbon Cable

What should you look at when purchasing a UL 2468 flat ribbon cable?
  • Packaging- Look at the manufacturer or company name, address, length, date, specifications, etc. The labels and printing on the cable must be clear.
  • The color of the copper is a qualified copper core wire that is shiny, purple-red, and has a soft texture. Note that inferior copper wires have purple, yellowish, and whitish colors.
  • Insulation- Low-quality flat ribbon cable has a thick insulation layer.
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