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USB to Molex Cable

Molex USB cable can also be grouped by application. The different areas of their application may determine the cable’s specifications, such as dimensional, type of its end connectors, approvals, and certifications.

Molex USB cable assemblies are for audio/video (A/V), automotive, imaging, medical, radio frequency (RF), and telecommunications applications.

Other cables are used for personal computers (PCs) and local area networks (LAN), Ethernet applications, as well as industrial control and instrumentation systems. Cordage and extender cables are types of USB cables that may suit a variety of applications.

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USB to 4-Pin Molex 5V Fan Power Cable

Molex To USB Cable Overview

Most of the world can identify a USB; due to its ever-rising number of various types. USB connectors have been used mainly on different types of equipment and in many situations. With the development of USB, as newer connectors are being introduced, the size of connectors is also being reduced.

Since Molex is always expanding its family of connectors, the creation of a USB to Molex cable connection is essential as it is required to give a robust, dependable activity in IoT (Internet of Things), wearables, and other high-speed data applications.

What are some of the Molex USB cable versions?

As the need for data transfer speeds rises daily, so is the requirement for more miniature connectors. Thus, different USB concepts are being developed, and it also demands the connectors to do the same.

In the original system, Molex USB cable assemblies were designed to either have one of two forms – designated as type “A” and “B” connectors. Later, the introduction of Molex USB type C cable was designed to create a more robust system and better data transfer performance.

Molex USB cable

With the possibility of Molex connector customization, many different Molex to USB cables have emerged. All of these cables have the ability to offer nothing but exceptional services. Some of the Molex to USB cables include the Type A and B cables. You can also get type C and USB 4 among others.

The types A and B have four pins within the connector, while Mini and Micro-A and B connectors generally have five pins.

Molex USB cable assembly

There are various configurations on the Molex USB cable assembly with orientation, soldering, and mounting options. This supports power delivery, waterproof devices, high-speed data transmission rates, reversible functions, and a reliable connection.

Apart from the connectors, the standardization of the length of the Molex USB cable is also defined. The maximum length allowed for an individual cable is 5 meters, while 3 meters is used for slow devices.

USB to Molex Cable

There is a good variety of different Molex to USB Cable assemblies that enable connectivity in various situations. The different Molex connectors also guarantee that connections are only met in the right direction. Although the number of USB connectors and cable types is increasing, that shouldn’t be much of an issue in finding a suitable USB Molex cable for your project.

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