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Vacuum Cleaner Wire Harness

A vacuum cleaner wire isn’t a new term since all corded vacuum cleaners have such a wire. Commonly, a vacuum cleaner wire will come with a length of 10.0 meters. It has a black insulator sealing.

The vacuum cleaner wire’s input current is 16A and has a power plug of Type F (CCE7/7). The wire’s input voltage is 250v. Therefore, it has an electrical input power ranging between 1000Watts to 2000Watts. This makes it strong enough to enable the vacuum cleaner to remove the toughest materials from the carpets within a short period.

  • LOW MOQ 50pcs accepted
  • Sample available
  • The prototype is available, lead time: 1-3 days


  • Connector: MX3.0-3P
  • Wire spec: 2464 24/3C
  • Color: Black or custom color
  • Application: Vacuum Cleaner

An Outline of Vacuum Cleaner Wiring Harness

Every household now needs a vacuum cleaner. The technology, size, and design of vacuum cleaners have changed dramatically. Gone are the times when maintaining a home’s cleanliness required tiresome hand mopping and dusting processes.

People nowadays choose handheld vacuum cleaners, which are simple to use and can easily remove stains, pet hair, and other dirt. However, wired and wireless vacuum cleaners compete.

Applications of a vacuum cleaner wire harness

Commonly, the vacuum cleaner wires differ slightly. After connecting the vacuum cleaner wire, setting a moderate power input is significant. Even though the wire is reliable and durable, there is a need to maintain its longevity by protecting it from overload and overheating. You should consider not running over your vacuum cleaner wire not to damage it or expose the wires, which can be safety hazards.

Vacuum Cleaner Wire

Advantages of a vacuum cleaner wire harness

A vacuum cleaner wire plays a significant role in ensuring that you use your vacuum cleaner efficiently and for the purpose intended. After you plug it onto the wall socket, it acts as the power supply. The vacuum cleaner wiring system enables the gadget to operate efficiently when cleaning surfaces and floor carpets by removing materials like dust.

Vacuum Cleaner Wire

Pros of a vacuum cleaner wire

  • The vacuum cleaner wire harness keeps the wires organized to avoid unintended contact.
  • The vacuum cleaner wire has a PVC seal safeguarding the user from electric shock.
  • It can carry up to 250V with a power capacity ranging between 1000Watts and 2000Watts, making it easy to suction the toughest materials on your carpet.
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