Washing Machine Wire Harness Manufacturer

ECOCABLES  provides a variety of washing machine wiring harnesses for your choice. We strictly implement quality standards in the production of wiring harnesses!

  • Offers OEM services and production
  • Can be made for customers’ requirements
  • Samsung, LG, Siemens and other well-known brand suppliers
  • All materials are compliant with Rohs.

ECOCABLES - Washing Machine Wiring Harness

A washing machine wiring harness is an essential component of a washer, It can offer a reliable power source for the equipment.

As a skilled washing machine wiring harness manufacturer, ECOCABLES builds up a good relationship with many well-known washing machine brand manufacturers & sub-contractor such as Haier, Siemens, Samsung, LG, Panasonic, etc.  

ECOCABLES offers a wide range of high quality custom washing machine wiring harnesses to meet the needs of various brands of washing machines. We are committed to providing the right solution according to customer requirements.

Product By Multiple Brands of Washers

LG Washing Machine Wire Harness

The LG washer wire harnesses are compatible with various LG washer models.

Whirlpool Washing Machine Wiring Harness

The whirlpool washing machine wiring harnesses are suited for various whirlpool washer models.

Samsung Washing Machine Wire Harness

The Samsung washing machine wiring harnesses are compatible with various Samsung washer models.

Frigidaire Washing Machine Wire Harness
Frigidaire Washing Machine Wire Harness

The frigidaire washing machine wiring harnesses are compatible with various frigidaire washer models.

Haier Washing Machine Wire Harness
Haier Washing Machine Wire Harness

The Haier washing machine wiring harnesses are compatible with various Haier washer models.

Midea Washer Wire Harness
Midea Washer Wire Harness

The Midea washing machine wiring harnesses are compatible with various Midea washer models.

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Washing Machine Wiring Harness Fabrication Benefits


ECOCABLES builds up a good and long-term relationship with many manufacturers of connectors and wires, which can greatly help you to save wire harness costs.

Superior Quality
Superior Performance

ECOCABLES washing machine wiring harness has waterproof and anti-bending functions to avoid damage caused by vibration caused by the washing machine.

Highly Customizable
Highly Customizable

With various kinds of washing machine wire harnesses and numerous choicesit can be tailored according to customer needs. Just share your assembly wire idea today!

After-sales Service

ECOCABLES have skilled foreign trade and technical staff for you to deal with the case of washing machine wiring harness for you to save time and energy.

Choose Reliable Washing Machine Wire Harness Manufacturer

Choosing to have your washing machine wiring harness designed and produced by a reliable manufacturer assures you in terms of quality and structural integrity. This means the cable assembly will have no issues operating under normal conditions.

With years of experience, our professionals understand the ins and outs of these cables. They will work with you to anticipate what conditions might affect your washing machine wire harness. This is followed by customizing the assembly to meet such conditions and perfectly serve for a more extended period.

washing machine wire harness
washing machine wiring harness

20+ Washing Machine Wire Harness Customers Over The World

After 20 years of manufacturing washing machine wiring harnesses, we have more than 500 washing machine wiring harness customers all over the country.
We have provided these customers with everything from cable design to final manufacturing and electrical safety testing to meet their unique needs.
They are so satisfied with our business that we maintain a long-term relationship with these customers.

If you have any queries about washing machine wiring harnessesplease contact us!

Washing Machine Wire Harness Production Standard

Our washer wiring harness materials are in accordance with UL and CSA safety requirements, RoHS2.0/REACH, and other EU requirements.

We have more than 20 years of professional production and design experience, with a number of national patent certifications and UL safety certifications that can provide professional safety washing machine wire harness design guidance.

All the wiring harnesses of washing machines are produced in accordance with international UL safety standards and are mass produced by the automatic industrial management system, which is environmentally friendly and safe.


Washing Machine Wire Harness

Choose ECOCABLES Washing Machine Wire Harness

Washing Machine Wire Harness

In order to drive the changing market demand, ECOCABLES provides quality washing machine wiring harness customized solutions according to the different needs of customers. 

These washing machine wiring harnesses are manufactured using the best materials and advanced technology as well as established industry standards. Fully automatic production equipment greatly reduces production time. In order to provide defect-free parts, these wiring harnesses can be 100% tested under the supervision of our experts.

We get your back if you need a washing machine wire harness. Please contact us today!

Material Selection

In the manufacture of washing machine wire harnesses, you can choose the appropriate wire and connector. Before manufacturing, you can choose the materials used in the washing machine.  Choose from:

  • Wire & cable: UL1571, UL1061, UL1007, UL1015, UL3767, UL1213, UL1569 or according to your requirements.
  • Connectors: Tyco, Delphi, AMP, Molex, JST, JAE, or according to your requirements.
Automotive Wire Harness Manufacturing Abilities and Services

In order to provide our customers with the quality washing machine wiring harnesses they require, we use advanced technology and machines to manufacture these custom wiring harnesses. Some of the tools we can use include:

  • Cutting, wire stripping, crimp and terminal application,  twisting wire
  • Connector assembly, cable bundling solutions, shielding, ferrite application, labels

Who Use ECOCABLES Washing Machine Wire Harnesses

Global Clients

ECOCABLES sells washing machine wiring harnesses around the world. No matter which country you are in, a big city or a small city, you can contact us to order wiring harnesses.

Washing Machine Manufacturer

ECOCABLES has established long-term cooperation with many washing machine brand manufacturers, such as Siemens, Midea, and so on, providing a steady supply of wire harnesses for new and old customers!

Washing Machine Sub-contractor

If you are a washing machine sub-contractor, dedicated to helping washing machine brand manufacturers assembly processing, we will also provide you with the appropriate wiring harness solutions.

Washing Machine Wire Harness
Washing Machine Wire Harness in China

With over 20 years of experience as a leading custom washing machine wiring harness manufacturer.

  • “You are very professional! I simply described the specifications I wanted for the washing machine wire harness, and you immediately gave me professional advice.

  • “Thank you very much. I am very glad that you can ensure that you can deliver the goods to us within 5 days.”

  • “Before I received the goods, I was worried about whether there would be some bad problems with the goods. But in fact, your goods are perfectly made according to our requirements.”

Washing Machine Wire Harness: The Ultimate Guide

A washing machine wiring harness is an essential component of a washer, It can offer a reliable power source for the equipment.

Advantages of Using a Washing Machine Wire Harness

A washing machine wire harness features lots of importance. A reason why you must ensure the assembly is always at its best performance. With this in mind, let’s dive into some of the benefits.

Minimizes Cluster

Wire harness helps in reducing clusters while making the inside of the electrical device look organized and neat. It also eliminates any possibility of external PVC coating.

Washing Machine Wire Harness 

Improves the Overall safety of a Device

Since all the cables are properly secured inside the washing machine, the possibility of an accident arising from the wire harness is therefore eliminated. More so, the washing machine wiring harness is made using insulated materials which reduces the possibility of fire and short circuits.

While there are different reasons for such an issue, it’s important to have a look at the washing machine wire assembly when you notice any change in liability or the capacity of performance on the device.

Regular Upkeep on the Washing Machine Wire Harness is Key

If the washing machine wire harness was subjected to harsh treatments or conditions, it is important to check the assembly for any evidence of damages that can cause poor performance. This includes aspects like power surges and vibrations. Extreme temperatures can also be a severe problem as they can lead to the expanding and contracting of wires unpredictably.

Washing Machine Wire Harness 

High humidity exposure can also lead to water damage if the temperature drop results in condensation, leaving moisture trapped inside the assembly. Impact and vibration, on the other hand, will loosen the crimping that holds the wire together with the washing machine wire assembly.

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