Wire Harness And Cable Assembly - Applications

ECOCABLES has been in the production and manufacturing of cable for many years and tries to provide solutions even to the most complicated applications. Our wire harnesses offer reliable, fast, and safe solutions within different industries, including but not limited to:

  • Home Appliances
  • Industrial Electronics and Heavy Engineering
  • Communication Systems
  • Medical Applications
  • Automotive
  • Robotics
  • … …

Home Appliances

Household electronics and appliances are there to make our daily life routine easier. This is why some home appliances are simply a must-have. However, for these appliances to serve the intended purpose, they must have a reliable connection, something that can only be made possible with our cable assemblies.

ECOCABLES thrives in manufacturing wiring harnesses that serve different home appliances like refrigerators, microwaves, and washing machines, among others. Our wiring harness guarantees reliable yet effective connections, prolonging your product’s life span.

wire harness
Industrial Electronics and Heavy Engineering

Industrial Electronics and Heavy Engineering

Large production manufacturing industries must install complex devices and machinery that helps in automating different productions. These pieces of machinery are also linked with the existing systems within the company using cable assemblies. The same applies to engineering companies using heavy machinery like excavators and heavy-duty cutting devices. Our wiring harness connection helps ensure a reliable connection between the machine and the systems while organizing the meshwork.

For any of these applications, ECOCABLES will ensure you get the best cable assemblies to deliver the needed results. Therefore, feel free to reach out and let us help you make the right decision regarding cable assemblies’ customization.

Communication Systems

To achieve the best global connectivity, there has to be an effective infrastructure that has what it takes to receive and send data instantly across the globe. This is because each communication system relies on an effective wire harness, backed by different technological advancements, to receive and send data. Some of the communications devices making use of wire harnesses include modems, routers, hubs, broadband, and networks, among others.

Some common applications using ECOCABLES’s wiring harness for wireless communication include satellite receivers, DSL routers, and radio frequency receivers. At ECOCABLES, we can customize the cable assembly to meet your communication system application. Feel free to reach out!

wire harness

Medical Applications

Every medical facility has to make use of different medical electronics. This ranges from different medical instruments, computers, and diagnostic electronics. All these devices have one thing in common. They all make use of wiring harnesses. However, the wiring harness used in these devices needs to be not only durable but also compatible. This is because medical devices like pacemakers, radiology machines, and imaging machines, among others, must be equipped with the right wiring harness to eliminate any chance of failure.

ECOCABLES understand the seriousness of this medical equipment and the kind of services they offer. Due to this, we always ensure all our wiring harnesses have undergone the best testing before they can be applied in medical equipment applications.


The automotive industry thrives in developing vehicles having different electrical systems and devices working together to ensure proper transmission of signals and power for the engine to work perfectly. This means the entire function of the car relies on the right wiring to work properly. This is where our cable assemblies come in. ECOCABLES’s wiring harness helps by providing a reliable connection to the engine system, including the lighting, audio, braking system, and air conditioning. The work of the cable assembly is to ensure a simple yet effective connection irrespective of the number of wires running through the car.

At ECOCABLES, we offer different wiring harness that best suits any automotive application. A reason why many vehicle manufacturing companies believe in us.

Wire harness Automotive Application
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