Wire Harness and Cable Assembly Prototype Design

With a wide variety of tools readily available, chances are high that you certainly have everything needed to produce a complete custom wire harness and one that is also highly complex. However, there’s a need of redesigning the testing approach, especially where the wire harness necessitates a unique assembly process.

At ECOCABLES, our years of experience in the industry have helped us produce cable assembly prototype designs that can stand up to any application.

prototype wire harness

Wire Harness Prototype Design and Production

The production and designing approach of a wire assembly has to abide by a particular approach. The protocol put in place helps maximize the production budget which in turn ensures a complete project that’s functional and meets manufacturing standards. Here are the key steps involved in the wire assembly prototype production.

Assessment needs: The process starts by conducting a proper examination of all the specifications of a project. This helps in understanding the necessary elements at play on where and how the system will be employed. Here the initial design of the wire harness and elements are placed together, which later becomes a working wire harness prototype.

Extruding: with the right tools including extruding devices our experts will extrude different conductors each having different gauges like the 34 gauge conductor and 12 gauge conductors. The conductors play a vital role in the assembly of the wire harness blocks. These conductors can either be braided, or stranded – Terminations, connectors, and the housing aids bring the wires and cables together within the electrical system.

Prototyping runs: This is a vital step. It involves making sure the wire harness prototype has the ability to meet the need application. Well, to confirm the effectiveness of the wire harness prototype, it has to go through several tests. The test also checks how the components were sourced to verify the viability of the wire assembly prototype design.

Why Does Certification Matter 

Wire Harness and cable assembly Prototype Design

Quality assurance is a critical element of any wire harness prototype design. All products rolling out Eco Cables assembly have to undergo proper testing through several iterations to confirm integrity, continuity, functionality, and polarity. Therefore, prototyping helps designers in gauging the source and configuration of a wire harness and implementing the best approaches to solving a different problem.

Adhering to ISO regulations is never easy. You have to prove quality assurance adherence with mechanisms that support continuous production and product improvement, not forgetting customer service.

Making use of a wire harness prototype that didn’t abide by ISO requirements is risky as the cable assembly has not met the necessary quality commitment. The assembly can therefore have advanced effects on any application.

Prototyping Wire Assembly for Industrial Systems

Wire Harness Prototype Design

Industrial control devices and systems require a wide scope of complex but high quality signals and power settings for better production processes. This means the wire harness has to perform at its best. Here we also include prototype wire harness components with the ability to guarantee success in the process.

A good example is the engineering radio frequencies interfaces avoidance steps, including a specialized shielding approach. This helps avoid the costly delays in the industrial control device systems when wrong signals are revived or sent, causing critical functions to stop working.


Prototyping is the best way of measuring the effectiveness of a wire harness in its future application. Once a custom wire harness prototype passes the necessary test, you can shift to large production. Feel free to reach out.

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