Wire Harness Production

The wire harness production has become one of the most sorts out markets. This is because of the high demand for wire harnesses on a daily basis.  This is due to the fact that the wire harness is an indispensable electrical component that has to function effectively. There are lots of ideas on how wire harness production goes. However, to have a clear understanding, this piece will take you through a step by step guide to the wire harness manufacturing process.

The Designing Step

wire harness & cable assembly manufacturing

Regardless of where the wire harness is placed within a device, its main responsibility is to transmit information and deliver power within a streamlined and uniform approach. When it comes to electronic appliances, engineers have to conduct the best research that will help them develop a product that can overcome different electrical problems on a daily basis before bringing the product to the market.

An important part of such a challenge involves designing each part. Being a vital component of an electrical appliance, a cable assembly design has to be well thought out.. This assembly has a major role in the application of the device, and any mistake in the designing process can prove vital to the whole process. This stage entails selecting the wire harness components and their specific application.

The Prototyping Step

Wire harness prototypes have an important role in the production process. The prototypes give the manufacturers a chance of having a real experience with the prototype of an actual wire harness before proceeding to the completion stage. It’s also in this stage that the prototype is passed through different tests to ascertain its functionality and reliability. All of this aims at making sure the final product can guarantee optimal performance.

Manufacturing and Assembling Step

wire harness cable assembly manufacturing

Wire harness cable assembly manufacturing must follow the right procedure precisely. This means all the specifications outlined by design must be adhered to with minimal or no errors. However, with the great advancement in automated technology, the possibility of errors during cable assembly manufacturing has been reduced to almost zero. Nevertheless, wire harness manufacturing is highly reliant on manual production.

One of the main reasons why manual production has a major impact on wire harness production is the fact that the assemblies are designed for different functions. Cable assemblies are specific components that are designed to serve a larger part. These wire harnesses are all meant to serve a greater purpose within different electrical appliances in both the manufacturing and industrial field.

For the production and assembling process to be effective, these steps are crucial:

  1. Wire Cutting 

Each wire has to be precisely cut to the appropriate length. This is achievable through the use of a wire-cutting device.

  1. Connections and Striping 

With stripping, each wire end has to be perfectly stripped so that the core can be visible. This step helps in attaching the terminal’s housing.

  1. The Assembling Step

Lastly, the cables are work-benched into a single harness. The manufacturer must also ensure they meet the designed requirements. Here hand manufacturing plays an important role, especially when applying fabric tapes. However, it does not eliminate the use of automation machines as they are also used in cutting the wires uniformly.

Final Step Testing 

wire harness manufacturing process

Once the wire harness production process is complete, the wire harness is finally manufactured. The last process involves testing the wire harness to see how effective it is. Each wire harness will have to pass through a safety and specification test. The test aims at confirming if the product is 100% reliable.

Summing Up

Wire harness production is quite a challenging process that professionals must only conduct. With each wire harness having its specific purpose, it’s important to ensure that each process is conducted with 100% accuracy. At ECOCABLES, we have experts who understand how vital it is to produce a wire harness that meets the right specifications is – A reason why we have managed to remain at the top of the league as far as wire harness and cable assembly manufacturing is concerned.

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