Wire Harness Quality Standards

The increase in demands for different electronic gadgets and similar appliances has also contributed to increased demands for the wiring harness. However, these wiring harnesses have to meet a higher functionality purpose in terms of quality. Therefore, this piece will cover how important wire harness quality standards are and the importance they bring to the table.

What is the IPC/WHMA-6-620?

The IPC-WHMA-A-620 refers to a body that’s mandated with describing the requirements and acceptance of cable assemblies. The body came up as an IPC joint project an organization that is mandated with connecting electrical manufacturers with WHMA. Ever since the creation of IPC/WHMA-AA620, it has grown to become the industry’s leading watchdog for wire harness and cable quality.

IPC-WHMA-A-620 is one of the programs associated with the IPC certification program. It’s mainly focused on industries and individuals who are involved with wire harness production, installation, and assembling. It features the certification, and supply of instrumental and certified materials. Standardizing wire harness is to ensure the right acceptance of wire harness that meets the A-620 standards.

What are the Benefits of A-620 Wire Harness Standards? 

Wire Harness Quality Standards

There are lots of benefits that come with wire harness quality standards. It helps ensure the quality of cables being brought to the market can serve the intended application without any problems. Some of these benefits include.

The Certification Facilitates Reliable Communication among OEMs and the Wire Harness Producers

A-620 wire harness standards are being implemented in over 42 countries all over the world. Since it’s a universal standard, these standards can easily facilitate reliable communication among OEMs and cable assembly producers. This, on the other hand, ensures that they get to work together to come up with unique and reliable products.

These Standards Help Enhance Quality and Promote Compliance

Wire Harness Quality Standards

Being a world-class certification program that provides training that international organizations highly recognize for standardization, the ISO, and other quality militarization bodies worldwide, these standards help wire harness and cables assembly manufacturers shine when it comes to productivity and quality.

Helps in Building and Enhancing Customer Experience

Currently, more OEMs have confidence in the current wire harness standards, including the certified manufacturers. This is because they understand that these manufacturers have what it takes to provide the right products making the wire harness more reliable and efficient for different applications.

The Standards Helps in Confirming the Legitimacy of a Cable Assembly 

wiring harness

There exist different cable assembly manufacturers. With such a high number of manufacturers, it’s difficult to tell who is fully committed to meeting all the requirements outlined by the wire harness standards body. However, with the A-620 certification, you can easily tell that this is a manufacturer that has excelled in skills, knowledge, and quality management. The manufacturer is also committed to delivering a long-lasting relationship with the clients through the provision of standardized products.


Wire harnesses and cables have to meet the right standards for quality production. Meeting wire harness standards is an indispensable attribute that each product has to carry to win customers’ hearts and earn the proper market share.

In every electrical industry, producing standard products by remaining compliant to the set and recognized IPC standards like the IPC-620 sets the pace between reliable wire harness manufacturers and unreliable manufacturers.

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