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XT30 cables are the cables using the XT30 connector. Our cables have lots of different benefits and applications when used efficiently.

  • Heatproof soft silicone wire
  • Custom wire length
  • XT30 male and female connectors in different sizes
  • High-temp nylon material connectors

Will ECOCABLES Be A Nice Choice?

An XT30 cable helps connect a battery when powering the expansion or control hub. The cables need to meet the required standards to function efficiently. ECOCABLES is committed to a thorough inspection considering the XT30 cables.

So, before the cables are released to the market, our lines have to meet the necessary standards. ECOCABLES XT30 extension cables come with a male and female connector. they are a significant part with metal content and hold the cables tight.

We recommend our customers be careful with the essential cable features before making a purchase. It is our responsibility to provide XT30 cable that will meet our client’s needs.

Various XT30 Cables

XT30 Male Cable

This is an XT30 male connector with 60mm 24AWG silicone wire.

XT30 Female Cable

This is an XT30 female connector with 50mm 16AWG silicone wire.

XT30 Male to Female Cable

This is a male XT30 to female XT30 extension cable with 16AWG wire.

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Advantages of ECOCABLES XT30 Cable

High Quality Silicone

Our cables are made of high quality silicone, high temperature resistance, good toughness, not easy to break. Good soldering quality. Copper contact.

Good Conductivity

Our connectors are made of high temperature nylon material, they have heat resistance characteristics and good conductivity, giving you a good user experience.

Flame Retarding

The plastic shells are made of insulating material, which is not easy to turn in case of fire. It will automatically extinguish after leaving the fire source to ensure the stability of work.

High Reliability

Our XT30 cable provides solid and reliable connection, reusable connector end design for times insert and take off from the enclosure. rates up to 55A continuous. 

XT30 Extension Cable Fabrication

ECPCABLE provides high quality female and male XT30 connectors with custom length soft silicone wire cable.

  • Welding: Semi-circular opening, making it easy for you to weld. (suitable for 18AWG silicone wire).
  • Design: Plated 7U thick gold high current banana plug, direct plug larger contact area, thicker male shrapnel.
  • Insulation: The sheath and the banana plug are fully and tightly combined, thick heat-resistant nylon material.
XT30 Extension Cable
XT30 charging cable

XT30 Cable Benefits

ECOCABLE XT30 charge cables are flexible making them work even in harsh conditions or environments. Our XT30 charging cables sealing protects against the interference of current flow.

The cables have female and male XT30 connectors that connect to the control or expansion Hub. This ensures a continuous current flow from the battery (power source) to power the control or expansion hub.  The connectors have male and female XT 30 connectors. The connectors have different metal contact to prevent reverse polarity.

Wide Range of Applications

XT30 extension cable transmits power from the primary power source, the battery, to secondary devices.

ECOCABLES provide you with versatile XT30 charging cables, they are not only suitable for batteries, suitable for RC batteries but also suitable to be applied for RC batteries, UAVs, flying machines, remote control cars, remote control planes, balance cars, unicycles, twist car, RC car, quadcopter, and boat battery connection, etc.

XT30 charging cable

Choose ECOCABLES to Custom Your XT30 Cable

XT30 Cable
XT30 extension cable

ECOCABLES manufactures various XT30 extension cables according to the customer’s request. Our XT30 wires are constructed from the highest quality materials to ensure that you get the best connection possible when you charge the batteries.

We have a professional OEM factory, so we can provide wide varieties, reliable quality, and favorable price XT30 cable products with samples or drawings, we can guarantee our advanced machinery and equipment to provide OEM processes for customers.

Meanwhile, we have entered Europe, North America, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Russia, and many other countries and regions.

XT30 cable

By using the right XT30 wire materials, our customers can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Guaranteed safety: The right wire material ensures safety is upheld per the recommended wire harness standards. The right wire also ensures a steady flow of current in every application.
  • The right wire materials help accommodate larger loads of electrical power compared to non-precious metals. This enables less armoring and insulation to be used. They also have a higher heat resistance, which helps eliminate overloading issues.
XT30 Connector

ECOCABLES’s XT30 connectors are perfect for solid and high-amp connections. Our XT30 connectors are designed to allow multiple board connections with a reliable locking and keyed feature that allows better reliability.

The design and shape of ECOCABLES’s XT30 connectors also aid in preventing reverse polarity by guaranteeing a super solid connection. This makes the XT30 extension cable assembly perfect for applications that need up to 30A continuous draw. ECOCABLES XT30 cable are cost-effective, requires less maintenance, and have a longer yet reliable lifespan. This is because they are made using the best type of materials.

Features of XT30 Extension Cable

XT30 Cable
Connector Gender

ECOCABLES XT30 extension cable comes with a single male and also a female connector.

XT30 Cable
Connector Material

The connectors are designed using high-temp nylon featuring gold-plated spring pins.

XT30 Cable
Prevent Reverse Polarity

The XT30 extension cable shape enables the cable to prevent reverse polarity with a supper solid connection.

Washing Machine Wire Harness
ECOCABLES -XT30 Cable Supplier in China

Delivers high-quality XT30 cables to customers worldwide.

  • “Great cable assemblies, I got my XT30 extension cable assembly from ECOCABLES, and the experience was simply amazing. They never disappoint when it comes to XT30 cable assemblies for your applications. They also have a supper fast shipping program without compromising quality and superior services. They are your go-to company when it comes to XT30 extension cable assemblies.

  • “I was looking for a simple XT30 charging cable for my application. Still, ECOCABLES went above and beyond to provide a wire harness that surpassed my expectation and was designed correctly and at an excellent price.”

  • “Having worked with ECOCABLES on different wire harnesses, I reached out to them for An XT30 charging cable, and the results were amazing. The customization was on point and within the stipulated time. The best part is the cables were able to offer a reliable solution to my application.”

XT30 Cable Cable: The Ultimate Guide

ECOCABLES XT30 cables use a heatproof silicone cable shell and pure copper cable cord, it is more heavy-duty, durable, and reliable.

What are the types of XT30 cables?

XT30 cables come in different types. They are different in terms of REV Robotic Part Numbers and lengths.

Cable Type REV Robotics Part Number Length
XT30 Male and Female REV-31-1392 30cm
XT30 Male and Female REV-31-1394 50cm
XT30 Female-Tamiya REV-31-1382 8cm
XT30 Female-Anderson Power pole REV-31-1385 8cm
Power switch cable (XT30 Male and Female) REV-31-1387 12cm
XT30 Connector pack REV-31-1399 N/A
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