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At ECOCABLES, we are always committed to ensuring we meet the best production and manufacturing practices and standards through innovative designs of XT60 cables. Our main objective is to produce high-quality XT60 cables and come up with cost-effective products that will help our customers have a better shopping experience.

ECOCABLES also remains focused as far as bringing the highest product standards is concerned. We also continue to implement measures that will help us develop more perfectly suitable products for all customers. Feel free to reach out and enjoy our reliable customer care support that will guide you in the right direction as far as XT60 Cables are concerned.

Various XT60 Cables

XT60 Female to Male Cable

This is an XT60 (F/M) to XT60 (F/M) connector extension cable.

xt60 to xt30 cable

This is an XT60 (F/M) to XT30 (F/M) connector extension cable.

XT60 to XT90 Cable

This is an XT90 (F/M) to XT60 (F/M) connector extension cable.

EC5 to XT60 Cable
EC5 to XT60 Cable

This is an EC5 (F/M) to XT60 (F/M) connector extension cable.

XT60 to O Ring Cable
XT60 to O Ring Cable

This is an XT60 (F/M) to O ring terminal connector extension cable.

SAE to XT60 Cable
SAE to XT60 Cable

This is an SAE to XT60 (F/M) adapter charge extension cable.

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High Quality XT60 Connectors

ECOCABLES ‘s XT60 connectors come equipped with top-notch features that make them effective during application. Some of the features you get to enjoy with our XT60 connectors include surface injection molded with heat shrink tubing—making the XT60 connectors more durable compared to other connectors.

Our XT60 connectors also feature low resistance, better electrical conductivity, antioxidant and anti-corrosion capabilities, making them perfect when it comes to providing a stable current for any device application. The XT60 connector also provides the needed solution by fitting a variety of solar panels and battery packs while enabling better and more reliable connections between power stations and solar panels.


Tined Copper Wire

ECOCABLES makes use of the best-tined copper wires in the production of reliable cables. Our cables are designed using the best 8-20AWG wires that are UL2468 certified to offer the needed solutions during application. We also make use of high-quality PVC nylon materials. This is to ensure that our XT60 extension cable assemblies are in a position to work perfectly.

The tinned copper wires also feature better electrical conductivity, the recommended durability, and flexibility, making it possible for the XT60 cable assembly to fully serve every intended application.

Wide Application

Our XT60 extension cables are perfectly compatible with different devices. This makes it easy for users to easily connect and disconnect the XT60 cable extension with battery packs used in remote-controlled toys, portable power stations, RC batteries, and UAVs.

And our XT60 extension cable also makes it possible for users to enjoy better charging flexibility—a whole new reason why many customers prefer our XT60 extension cables.

XT60 Cable
  • “Seems sturdy enough for 4 seasons outdoors.”

  • “So far so good. The cable is of a robust gauge. The connectors seem to be of good quality. “

  • “XT60 extension, 30A fuse”

XT60 Cable: The Ultimate Guide

XT 60 cables are continuously gaining more popularity due to the advancement in the XT 60 connectors.

Why should you use an XT 60 power cable?

The unique making of the XT 60 charging cable ensures that it serves you right. You don’t have to worry about its failure to provide the services if at all it is UL approved. That’s why; consider getting only UL-approved XT 60 cables to reduce any disappointment chances. Some of the advantages of using an XT 60 cable include;

XT60 parallel battery connector cable

  • XT 60 cable’s current carrying capacity- The cable is made of a conductor with a current rating of 30A.
  • The cable is easy to fold due to its high flexibility
  • You can use the XT60 cable on a high-current lithium-polymer battery
  • The insulating material on the XT 60 cable is efficient for harsh weather conditions and resistant to chemical corrosion and abrasion.
  • A UL-approved XT 60 charging cable is highly durable.
What are the applications of XT60 cables? 

With a battery producing a current up to 30A, you can use an XT 60 charging cable without any issues. The battery XT 60 cable has a pair of one female and one male connector that ensures an efficient flow of current from a battery to other appliances. Using copper as a conducting material helps to prevent reverse polarity and allows an easy current flow.

xt60 power cable

Mostly, an XT 60 cable will be 30 cm long, but you can consider extending the length by buying an XT 60 extension cable. Also, you may choose to use an XT 60 y-splitter cable that will make more current available without increasing any voltage.

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