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XT90 Cable

An XT 90 cable is a battery-compatible type of cable meant to power an expansion hub. This gives us a reason to refer to the cable as an XT 90 charging cable.

XT 90 cables have battery connectors and electric vehicle battery backs in drone applications. They come with female and male connectors held tightly with a metallic component.

When buying an XT 90 charger cable, consider confirming whether it is inspected by UL to approve that it meets necessary standards.

  • XT90 male and female connector
  • Suitable for RC Multicopter Quadcopter
  • RoHS compliant

  • XT90 plug battery series connector 10 gauge wire 1-female to 2-males adapter.
  • Wire length: 10CM / 3.93inch; Wire gauge: 10AWG
  • Connector: 1 female xt90 plug and 2 male xt90 plugs.
  • Suit for double charging in series.
  • Ideal for charging RC battery helicopter quadcopters.

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What are features of an XT90 charger cable?

A UL-approved XT 90 cable will be uniquely made and different from other types. Every manufacturer considers the XT 90 cable’s features to ensure it serves its intended purposes. Some of the cables features include;

XT90 cable

  • XT 90 cable’s current rating is 90A.
  • The cable works best under temperatures ranging between -20-1200C
  • The wire size is 8AWG
  • It has the ability to withstand high temperatures (more than 1200C)
  • It’s easy to install
  • It has a lightweight
  • The cable has anti-spark features
  • Flexible cable- made from plastic or rubber
What are the applications of XT90 cables? 

XT90 charger cable is a medium of power transmission from a primary power source, commonly a battery, to a secondary gadget. The cable has a conductor that enables it to transmit energy easily. The best choice for many manufacturers is copper for its low resistivity levels, increasing its electrical conductivity.

One end of the XT 90 cable has a male connector, and the other a female connector. The purpose of the male connector is to allow power into the cable from a power source or an extension cable. The female connector connects the XT 90 charging cable to an extension hub.

XT90 cable


XT 90 cable is made from a flexible material. The commonest type of insulating material is PVC. The jacket allows power to flow smoothly in the cable. It also prevents your XT 90 cable from abrasion, corrosion from moisture, and short-circuiting issues. You can use an XT 90 charging cable even in harsh environmental conditions. Most XT 90 cables are 30 cm long. For longer application purposes, you can consider getting an XT90 extension cable.

What are the benefits of XT90 cables? 

XT90 cable’s unique features offer an advantage and ease its application. Some of the advantages you will identify when using an XT90 charger cable are;

XT90 cable

  • An XT90 charging cable can easily fold due to its flexibility
  • Transmits electric current efficiently
  • It can work even at high temperatures like in EV battery packs and RC automobiles.
  • The cable’s insulating jacket prevents interference of the current flow
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