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ECOCABLES is committed to all kinds of XT90 cable harness design, development, and production processing, for intelligent electronic products, lighting, 5G data communication, automotive new energy, electrical appliances and security, and other fields to provide high-quality products and services.

We have the ability to independent research and development of independent production, with a number of automatic processing and production equipment, high output, and stable quality, Our XT90 extension cable products are produced using environmentally friendly raw materials, and the XT90 cables can be customized according to customer drawings to sample and other needs, to provide mold proofing finished product production services.

Various XT90 Cables

XT90 Plug Parallel Y Connection Cable

XT90 plug parallel Y cable with 1-female and 2-male XT90 connector.

XT60 to XT90 Cable

XT60 to XT90 cable with XT90 male connector and XT60 female connector.

XT90 to EC5 cable

XT90 to EC5 cable with XT90 female connector and EC5 male connector.

XT90 to O ring terminal with 12inch 10awg silicone cable
XT90 to O Ring Cable

XT90 to O ring cable with XT90 female connector and O ring terminal jack.

T Male To XT90 Female Adapter Cable
T to XT90 Cable

XT90 to T cable with XT90 female connector and T male connector.

Solar Connector to XT90 Adapter Cable
Solar to XT90 cable

XT90 battery cable with XT90 female adapter connector and solar connector.

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Good Quality XT90 Connectors

ECOCABLES’s X90 connectors are designed using high-temperature nylons that feature high current endurance in performance—making it possible for the connector to last for a long time while still offering a solid connection. The X90 connector is also easy to solder and has the ability to handle larger currents.

Our X90 connector’s plastic shells are designed using insulating materials that are hard to burn. In case of a fire breakout, the connector will automatically extinguish, ensuring stability during application.

XT90 cable
XT90 cable

Flexible Silicone Wire

At ECOCABLES, we understand the importance of using high-quality materials when designing our X90 cables. We make use of high-quality insulated and thickened copper wires that feature better conductivity effects for a longer service life that’s free from bending.

The X90 cable is also made using high-temperature silicone 8-20 AWG wires, featuring low resistance flexibility. This is to ensure users get to enjoy better application requirements.

The X90 cable charger leads are specifically designed using the highest quality materials. All this aims at ensuring our clients get to enjoy an X90 cable that offers better connections every time they charge their batteries.

Scope of Application

ECOCABLES’s XT90 cables are perfectly known for providing a more comprehensive application range. This includes UAV field applications, electric vehicle applications, Jets, RC boats, and remote-control model applications.

The XT90 cables also make use of 12 AWG wires that allow the cable to easily handle higher currents associated with larger aircraft during application. The cable is designed to handle up to 100 Amps continuously meaning it’s a perfect solution for applications that require increased voltage.

xt90 cable
xt90 cable
  • “Must-have for power wheels battery connections.”

  • “Work great as connectors for my saddle bag speakers.”

  • “Used on A200max bluetti.”

XT90 Cable: The Ultimate Guide

An XT 90 cable is a battery-compatible type of cable meant to power an expansion hub. This gives us a reason to refer to the cable as an XT 90 charging cable.

What are features of an XT90 charger cable?

A UL-approved XT90 extension cable will be uniquely made and different from other types. Every manufacturer considers the XT 90 cable’s features to ensure it serves its intended purposes. Some of the cables features include;

XT90 cable

  • XT 90 cable’s current rating is 90A.
  • The cable works best under temperatures ranging between -20-1200C
  • The wire size is 8AWG
  • It has the ability to withstand high temperatures (more than 1200C)
  • It’s easy to install
  • It has a lightweight
  • The cable has anti-spark features
  • Flexible cable- made from plastic or rubber
What are the benefits of XT90 cables? 

XT90 cable’s unique features offer an advantage and ease its application. Some of the advantages you will identify when using an XT90 charger cable are;

XT90 cable

  • An XT90 charging cable can easily fold due to its flexibility
  • Transmits electric current efficiently
  • It can work even at high temperatures like in EV battery packs and RC automobiles.
  • The cable’s insulating jacket prevents interference of the current flow
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